sixty second shooter Deluxe Review—If It Ain’t Got That Swing


I think we’ve all at least heard tell of that guy from work that just blends in. The one that has been there for 15 years and still hasn’t been promoted. He’s the type of guy to never break the rules. Shows up to work on time every day. Never has a joke to tell at the water cooler. Has never told a female coworker she has a nice behind. There is nothing wrong with this individual; he is probably the only one getting any real work done. But he leaves no lasting impressions. That about sums up sixty second shooter Deluxe.

Developed by the “folks” at Happion Laboratories (the team consists of one man, Jamie Fristrom), sixty second shooter Deluxe is a twin-stick shooter that plays like a combination of Asteroids and flOw. The objective is to build up as big a score as you can before time runs out or you die. When you first load up the game, you start on Level 1 and work your way to the next level by entering a portal. Each level increases in difficulty by introducing more enemies. Eventually, you acquire enough collectibles to be able to start your game at higher levels. This allows you to gain more points more quickly.

The game features 2 looks, vintage and techno. Depending on which look you pick, the game’s soundtrack and visuals change. Vintage features a 1930s-type soundtrack. The music is kind of in the background background (yes, the background background). I’m pretty sure that was intentional, though, to give it that old phonograph sound. The game has old school Asteroids-style visuals when it’s set to vintage. When set to techno, the games plays a techno soundtrack. The visuals remain the same with the exception of everything being rainbow-colored.

There are no leaderboards or in-game achievements, so the longevity of the game depends solely on the unlockables and how much you enjoy beating your own score. sixty second shooter Deluxe has an unlock system similar to that of Super Crate Box. Amassing collectibles adds up towards the next unlock. Things such as new power-ups, the ability to chain, and starting at higher levels all come from picking up collectibles.


So far, you’re probably thinking that this all sounds decent enough, but this game has one crippling problem. It gets boring quick. As technically sound as it is, it does nothing that makes you remember it. It is a bare bones offering that looks the same, sounds the same, and plays the same every time you load it up. You only have one real objective, beat your score. As long as you have something left to unlock, it is much more bearable, but when you’re left with just the task of beating your score, it really does become Steve from accounting.


sixty second shooter Deluxe is a technically solid game. All of the experience that Jamie Fristrom has accumulated over the years shows, but the experience just isn’t very memorable. Having said that, the game is still one of the more recommendable titles available on the PlayStation Mobile platform.


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2 Responses to “sixty second shooter Deluxe Review—If It Ain’t Got That Swing”
  1. O says:

    Mr. Jamie Fristrom told me on YouTube that, if he could afford it, he would keep adding things through updates as time goes on.

  2. :(

    Thanks for taking a look, though. Steve from accounting, by the way – I know he doesn’t seem like all that at first, but if you take the time to get to know him, turns out he’s an awesome friend who you’re really glad to have met.

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