Pinky Spots Leg Massage Review—Persnickety


PlayStation Certified. That’s what your mobile device has to be in order to have access to PlayStation Mobile. Unfortunately, Sony doesn’t seem to be as persnickety when it comes to what games end up on PlayStation Mobile. Pinky Spots Leg Massage is about as far away from persnickety as anything can get.

Developed by Mobile One, Pinky Spots is a touch-based game that has you massaging pinky spots on a mystery girl’s legs. The game scores you based on how long and well you rub these faceless women’s legs. The longer you rub, the more points you receive. But if you spend too much time on one spot, you potentially miss a spot, which causes your remaining time to decrease. If you plan on rubbing the spots for more points, be prepared to see your time slip away quicker than your interest in the game. The game doesn’t support multiple touches, so while you are rubbing for those extra points, you are losing three seconds per missed spot.

Now, I have come across some pointless stuff in my day, but Pinky Spots is the definition of pointless. Just touching the points as they appear is not enough to progress far past the first couple of pictures of some chick’s legs. But rubbing one spot for more points just sets you up to run out of time, not making it much farther than just tapping. Once you have failed in your mission to rub more faceless girls’ legs, you are greeted with your grade ranking and a picture of more legs. There is nothing to gain from achieving the target score, except seeing the next set of legs. But I can’t tell you how long you will have to touch the same set of legs before you see new ones. The first levels are the same legs. First it is a full picture of her legs. Next is that same picture, but this time it is a zoomed-in shot of her, from the knees down. Eventually I got to a picture of the same set of legs but sitting down. There is little to no explanation of what should be done, so I just gave up.

If that weren’t enough to make the lady sitting next to you on the bus feel about as uncomfortable as Maya Angelou at a Kardashian Christmas party, the weird squirming that these girls do will. The longer you rub their pinky spots, the more they wiggle around. This wiggling is accompanied by awkward squeals and moans. All this is accompanied by the fabulous sounds of the same elevator-music-sounding tune each level. But, I will admit that that tune grows on you.

Every game has its place, and Pinky Spots is no exception. This game appeals to a certain crowd. With no in-game achievements, leaderboards, or sense of progression in it, but with an endless supply of weird and creepy, I am not going to try to meet these people. The only real enjoyment to be had with it is the hilarity of its existence.


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6 Responses to “Pinky Spots Leg Massage Review—Persnickety”
  1. onmode-ky says:

    I’m curious about whether the Japanese-only instruction screen might shed some light on there being more to the game. Can you get a screen cap of it?

    Maybe if you rub the proper way, centipedes will burrow out of her skin at those points? And then it becomes a centipede dating sim?

  2. Freelance says:

    Only in Japan is this stuff considered normal.

  3. O says:

    I deleted the game as soon as I finished the review. I do remember I eventually came across the instructions in English, but I don’t think it said more than, “Touch this chick.”.

    Next time I’m on the Store and I remember, I’ll download it again to confirm.

  4. Timothy says:

    I have a feeling that if you play this game half an hour, it will activate a computer chip and report you to the local autorities as a sex offender

  5. Sniper D. Luffy says:

    i made it to rank B, screen capped it, and then i’m done…don’t think i can get that far ever again…

  6. CecilMcW00t says:

    I despise games like this that are just fundamentally broken and unbeatable. Yes, it’s a very silly and perverted game, but at the very least play test this mess.

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