BreakQuest: Extra Evolution Soundtrack Now on Sale


BreakQuest: Extra Evolution has an excellent soundtrack, and it’s now available for purchase at Bandcamp for $2.99. There are a total of 34 tracks, so a pretty good deal if you liked the music in the game (which is excellent).

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7 Responses to “BreakQuest: Extra Evolution Soundtrack Now on Sale”
  1. Huicho says:

    The music here is really good. And I am not just saying that to support Beatshaper. The music is soft and nice. I like the Proxium Trip the best. It sounds very familiar.

  2. JeremyR says:

    Yeah, to be honest, I turn off the music in most games I play. But not in this.

  3. readytorelease says:

    Hey why is the price almost the same for the game, maybe 2.99 should be for those that don’t own the game and for people that own it .99 would be much better, just something to think about. If you was wondering how you would know who brought it just put a code in the start menu that we would have have to input when buying the soundtrack.

  4. JeremyR says:

    Yeah, I miss the days of cd-audio, where you could just put the game cd in the cd player and have it play the music.

  5. Alexey Menshikov says:

    @readytorelease: you actually can set any price there

  6. I’ll bite on this one but I expect another sequel mini of this game. :) J/K but it would be nice to have an expansion pack game.

    I have decided to purchase because I just realized this is not from the Sony Store (should had read closer), you can download in a lossless format such as flac if you wish (as I do), and Alexey is right about setting your own price. When you click to buy, it asks you how much are you willing to pay. Now I will pay the asking price but just the principle of being like the Humble Bundles’ of naming your own price has tipped me into deciding to support the music.

  7. I have to update the post I just made. The download is done and I just noticed 2 images in the download. One of them has a “tip” that you will want to read, so be sure to read it as it’s how to access a nice little egg in the game. I must add though, that the message isn’t 100% correct. I don’t want to ruin it so I will just say that when you are following the instructions, use achievements during that and then it works.

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