Frederic – Resurrection of Music Review—It Will Improve Your Health, Your Mental Health


-Played on PlayStation Vita-

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. We are going to start reviewing PlayStation Mobile games starting now, on top of reviewing the usual Minis. If you are asking why I chose to review Frederic – Resurrection of Music first among the 21 PSM launch games, well, it’s the first PSM game in the Store list. Now you have a good idea what game might be reviewed next.

Frederic – Resurrection of Music was already released in the App Store (the digital store for iOS devices, for the uninitiated) early this year, also priced at $3.99. However, when I checked it in the App Store more recently, I got it for free!

There have been music games in the Minis program, such as Vibes and Boom Beats. Unfortunately, I’ve only played Boom Beats, and I’ve been playing it for a long time now. More than a year, and finally it looks like it is having a successor.

Frederic – Resurrection of Music uses Frederic Chopin’s pieces as its soundtrack. To be precise and accurate: modern renditions of Chopin’s pieces. And each track rocks. Developer Forever Entertainment SA was able to fuse Chopin with country, techno, synth, Irish folk music and many more genres rather excellently. Chopin himself would be proud. No rolling in the grave here.

This PSM game is worth 500+ MB of space in your card because it uses lots of voice acting and cutscenes. The cutscenes are orgasmic to behold on that OLED screen, but you can skip them altogether by tapping the screen.

Yes, just skip all of the cutscenes because the story barely makes sense. Basically, Frederic Chopin is revived from his grave, waking up in modern day France. Three muses then appear before him and say to him that the world (music world, that is) is in peril, and then they disappear. Then a guy flying with a jetpack and armed with keyboards and speakers appears before him, and the story gets confusing as you move forward. The point is, this game has an anti-corporate music stance woven through its narrative.

I am not impressed by the humor because it’s slapstick, with all the cross-eyed faces just to make players “laugh.” However, the unintentional comedy will make you laugh hard. The premise is already ridiculous, the lines are outrageous (hence the review subtitle; Frederic says that) and the voice acting sucks. I don’t know if it’s the accent or not, but the pauses, the intonations are placed in awkward places.

Gameplay, this is where the game shines. You duel with musicians all over the world, treating the screen as the keyboard. Each key has a string, and these strings are where the notes slide from above. If you’ve played Rock Band and other rhythm games, you already know how things work.

There is a power indicator in the top center where it shows who is doing worse in the duel. More green means better for the player. Also, you have to win the power indicator to move to the next chapter. There is a score multiplier on the left side. You can gain up to x5 bonus to your score if you are able to string ten notes in a row for each increment. My math skills are able to calculate that you therefore need to hit 50 notes in a row to get the x5 bonus. Missing one note will readily reset the ENTIRE thing, meaning back to x1 with your multiplier.

There are gameplay additions that make use of the Vita’s hardware. You have to shake that Vita when the game prompts you to, thus making use of the gyroscope. This is the Super Attack. When dueling, there is a dynamic background where you can see Frederic and his opponent play their instruments. As the camera keeps on panning, twirling and much more, you can easily get distracted. With a Super Attack, an animation takes over, showing Frederic casting some musical spells at the opponent. The opponent can also use Super Attacks, though, as those attacks depend on who dominates the power indicator.

Frederic – The Resurrection of Music is already difficult to begin with, and with all that shaking, it makes it more difficult. The notes move quickly, and they correspond to the pace of the music. If you are at the “climax,” good luck! The help section is more than helpful, but practice makes a good musician, so you’re going to have to invest lots of time.

There is the usual Campaign, where you follow Frederic in his exploits around the world and battle it out against international stars. There are four difficulty settings: Too Easy, Normal, Hard and Chopin (the god-level). Completing the Campaign will unlock Arena. I haven’t unlocked it so far, and hence I can’t comment on it. I could try to, but that would mean I couldn’t review other PSM games. There are 20 more waiting to be reviewed!

I also played Frederic – The Resurrection of Music on my iPod Touch 4G. The Vita version is a direct port, but the game plays a lot better on the Vita because of the larger screen. The iPad should be the best hardware on which to play this one. Screen size is not the only problem, either, because the game stutters on my iPod Touch, too. Sound is also a lot better on the Vita, both through speakers and headphones (I used my Sennheiser earbuds, water resistant ones, I forgot the model). I am not a golden-eared, high-fidelity-loving audiophile, but I can hear the difference. The main advantage of the iOS version is its connectivity, since it has complete Game Center integration. Also, only the iOS version is eligible for the “Competition” because of the online leaderboard. You can win a real item prize (as of this moment, the prize is a jewelry set from Hiroco, a Japanese artist) by topping said leaderboard!


Frederic – The Resurrection of Music is simply a great game, and a 10/10 is a rightful rating for it. However, due to its lack of online leaderboards, trophies and other goodies compared to its iOS version, I have to slash some points from its score. Other than touchscreen controls, use of the gyro and its 500 MB size, this piece of art is just a glorified Mini after all. An über-excellent Mini, that is. Again, though, being a PlayStation Mobile game, we’re expecting more, much more.


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16 Responses to “Frederic – Resurrection of Music Review—It Will Improve Your Health, Your Mental Health”
  1. O says:

    I was looking for a reason to buy this. The reduction in score because of a lack of trophies and leaderboards was a little unnecessary, though.

  2. Jasper Nikki says:

    I forgot to add, Vita is actually the perfect hardware to play this one since you can grip the entire thing and let your thumbs do “piano-ing”. With the iPad you have to lay down the thing on the table and when there is a chance for a super attack, you have to lift it off and shake that thang.

    I believe online boards should be implemented though because it has been reported that other PSM games have online leaderboards. If this is a Mini, it is certainly understandable. The necessary evolution should have applied here. Plus the iOS version has a link directly to the App Store where you can download the tracks (for a fee). I think it could be done in the Vita version, too.

  3. onmode-ky says:

    Jasper, are we going to have all PSM game reviews tagged with “PlayStation Mobile” and all Minis reviews tagged with “Mini” from now on? If so, does this mean all our previous Minis reviews should get tagged as well . . . ? That would be quite a lot of tagging to do.

  4. JeremyR says:

    I was going to tag future Mini reviews with Mini (I did the last one). As to the old ones, I don’t think that’s really necessary.

  5. DarthDanMan says:

    Futurlab’s Fuel Tiracas had leaderboards so I’m sure there was a way to implement them. But there’s no way they can add trophies at the moment.

  6. Jasper Nikki says:

    Yes, that would be achievement system not trophies, what I meant. Since the iOS version has Challenges in its online leaderboards.

  7. Jasper Nikki says:

    @onmode-ky, after I review all of the launch PSM games. I’ll put tag them as well. It’s actually pretty easy in Wordpress to do so.

  8. Granpire says:

    A lack of trophies should not have factored into the review at all; this is a limitation of the PSM platform, not the game.

    It’s OK to criticize Sony for this, but taking off points for a game published on PSM is just plain unprofessional. That’s like taking points off a Wii game for not having trophies.

  9. Sniper D. Luffy says:

    forget the trophies…let the music begin!!!

  10. Jasper Nikki says:

    It’s not just the trophies, it’s the entire package, the iOS version is much superior in terms of extra / necessary features like online leaderboards, challenges, two player, eligibility to the competition.

  11. Granpire says:

    That’s all fine, but again, trophies should not have factored into the review score or the reception of the game at all, outside of mentioning something along the lines of, “Unfortunately, Sony have opted not to include trophies at launch for PSM, something the game would have greatly benefited from.”

    I’m not arguing that the iOS version is not better, or even that your statement is false. I’m simply arguing that it’s not fair, critically speaking, to discredit the game for not having something it cannot.

  12. onmode-ky says:

    Granpire, I think Jasper meant the PSM version of the game is without any sort of in-game list of challenge targets (not meaning actual PSN Trophies), while the iOS version has them.

    “I’ll put tag them as well. It’s actually pretty easy in Wordpress to do so.”

    Jasper, if you’re talking about mass-tagging our older reviews with “Mini,” I think it isn’t technically hard to do (I’m aware of the bulk operation functionality), but I think we would have to address the very old reviews one at a time. Past experience shows that quick-edit operations on reviews by authors no longer with the site end up changing the author field to someone else’s name–and you can’t change it back, because the original author’s name is no longer an option.

    Incidentally, I wanted to test out the mass-tagging with “SPL” on whatever SPL has worked on that we weren’t initially aware of. If JeremyR has some time to tell me which games those would be. . . . :)

  13. EternalSonataFan says:

    Ah Chopin! we meet again! I cordially look forward to a joyous reunion with my friend from Eternal Sonata! Oh Joyous is this day :) JOYOUS

  14. JeremyR says:

    Oh no, you can’t make me boot up another Farm Frenzy game! Even just to check who made it.

    I’ve literally had nightmares about it.

  15. Granpire says:

    Ah, I suspected this was possible, but I wasn’t sure…

  16. Huicho says:

    Is Musicality a new Mortal Kombat fatality? (Terrible pun)

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