No Wireless Multiplayer, Downloadable Content, or Software Updates for PSP Minis


Update: Multiplayer is only definitely out for the first stage of Minis. Sony have said that mulitplayer is a possibility for the future.

Well, it’s official. There will be no multiplayer or downloadable content for PSP Minis.

Sony’s Computer Entertainment America senior account manager Justin Cooney confirmed all this while talking with Gamasutra after a GDC session. The reason for the decision is to “accelerate the approval process.”

Obviously the more features a game has the longer it takes to go through the QA (Quality Assurance) process. It looks like Sony really has their heart set on keeping these games small and delivering them quickly. Lowering cost is obviously a big a factor as well, not just for developers but for their internal processes.

While a little piece inside of me died when I heard this news, I do like to be an optimist so let’s look at the Pros of this decision, as well as the cons.

No Multiplayer Pros:

  • Full featured single player experience. Some of my favorite gaming experiences have been single player. We can still expect to see some amazing, unique and fun games to come out.
  • They haven’t ruled out “hot seat” multiplayer. Obviously this can only be used in turn based games, but at least the option is still there. You can guarantee games like UNO and Let’s Golf! will have this feature. Any game that can incorporate it probably will. For these kinds of games it will be great to play multiplayer with friends and family without needing multiple PSP’s.
  • Any game that may have relied on the multiplayer experience will now have to sharpen their AI, and produce a more challenging and authentic opponent.


  • Still, nothing beats playing against other humans. AI inevitably becomes predictable and often features weaknesses that can be exploited for easy wins.
  • No co-op! I love co-op. In fact it is my preferred way to play games these days. Combining my gaming hobby with hanging out with friends and family is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. This will be sorely missed.

No Downloadable Content Pro:

  • Games that are released will have to be content rich. Many iPhone games come out low on content with the developers promising more in the future. Without this option developers will have to deliver games fully fleshed out.


  • Who doesn’t like to get free extras? Developers that support their games post release are rewarded with community love. Not being able to get new maps, levels or characters post release is a real let down.

The bottom line: Every year dozens of killer, single player, content rich games get released. There is absolutely no reason why we aren’t going to see the exact same thing happen in the bytes sized, PSP Minis space. I for one am still pumped and looking forward to many of the upcoming games.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Gamasutra

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