Chopper I and The Next Space Also Headed to Minis


Gang Wars and Time Soldiers aren’t the only new SNK Minis on the way. According to the European rating board, Chopper I and The Next Space are due to be released, presumably in the near future.

Both are vertically scrolling shoot ‘em-ups from the late ’80s. Chopper I seems to be a terrestrially based shooter, like 1942 or Xevious. The Next Space seems to only have been released in Japan, and as the name implies, it’s a space shooter.

Chopper I

Chopper I

The Next Space

The Next Space

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3 Responses to “Chopper I and The Next Space Also Headed to Minis”
  1. sniper712 says:

    waiting for a review first…

  2. min says:

    Dear JeremyR,
    here’s an idea. Could you do a round of the best minis ever released, and maybe re-review the best ones. Hey, you never know; re-reviewing them might even increase on minis sales then Sony may notice this and try to get more minis.
    Don’t me a NO MAN, be a YES MAN!!!

  3. You know, min has a good idea. I am thinking a good idea since things are slow and some may not know much about mini’s and/or be new to them, it could be a good thing to think about.

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