Game Codes Giveaway—20 Top Trumps NBA All Stars – Europe


EDIT: This draw is now closed. The winners will be announced in the comments and emailed personally with their codes. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Hi, guys! We have another set of free codes for y’all!

Thanks to Ideas Pad, we are going to give away 20 copies of Top Trumps NBA All Stars!

These codes allow you to download Top Trumps NBA All Stars. If you don’t know anything about this game, check out our review.

Please read the instructions below to qualify for this promo.

Entry Details:

  • All you have to do is comment on this post below. That gets your name in the hat. After a week, we will pick the names from the hat and send them the codes.
  • IMPORTANT: These codes only work in Europe. So if you are in any other region, please don’t comment below. Sorry, guys.


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45 Responses to “Game Codes Giveaway—20 Top Trumps NBA All Stars – Europe”
  1. Sefs says:

    I’m on the top of trumps ;)

  2. Robert says:

    Throwing my name in the virtual hat :)

  3. iebo98 says:

    I have played som top trumps car version, irl, and i liked it. hope this is similar

  4. Super-Mario says:

    I love basketball and this looks interesting

  5. Johnson says:


  6. Heinz2001 says:

    Trumps NBA All Stars looks very interesting.

    PSPMinis are great.

    I hope i can get a code :) .

  7. Snowblind76 says:

    A great game for sure! Like this page! Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  8. Cameron says:

    Why not, looks like a bit of fun.

  9. Raphael says:

    I’m in!

  10. MA-Simon says:

    I’m in too :)

  11. Davidscpsantos says:

    This is my time to win :)

  12. huicho619 says:

    Entering… LOL!!!

  13. Ishar says:

    I’m in !

  14. bramenjam says:

    For the win!

  15. Bartus says:

    Nothing but net!

  16. thumbbandit says:

    OK, name in the hat please Jasper. ;)
    Good luck to everyone… especially you huicho. :P

  17. ImperatorA3 says:


  18. Folke says:

    I love different games!

  19. readytorelease says:

    Good luck to all E.U. contestants.

  20. Marco Duarte says:

    NBA the sport of the giant stars.

  21. gammo08 says:

    I will try my luck

  22. xarvyes says:

    yeah im in =)

  23. kirk says:

    I’m in. The game looks fun.

  24. chapnis says:

    Big NBA fan, hopefully I get it! :)

  25. timduncan says:

    me please ahaha

  26. FolkoRoco says:

    I’d live to be top of the trumps!

  27. pimmy says:

    I could go for a cool free mini

  28. Ibenam says:

    gd luck everyone ;)

  29. Lucas Rewald says:

    TURN – BASED BASKETBALL. I GOT to see this.

  30. Bubbles says:

    God, I hate basketball. I hope I don’t win.

  31. identity25 says:


  32. Malte says:

    Time to win a game. :-)

  33. Roto says:

    It seem’s nice, let’s have a try

  34. chapnis says:

    So, time to draw the winners yet?

  35. step says:

    me want

  36. Jasper Nikki says:

    Lucas Rewald

  37. FolkoRoco says:

    Thankyou this so a lively surprise this morning!

  38. huicho619 says:

    I won! Thank you so much! Thank you Jasper and thank you Ideas Pad! You guys rock!

  39. Raphael says:


  40. Ishar says:

    Thank you !!!!

  41. chapnis says:


  42. bramenjam says:

    thanks a million!

  43. Roto says:

    Thank you very much !

  44. Malte says:

    Thanks a lot!

  45. Xilent says:

    Thank u very much :D

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