Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims Review—If the Indication of a Good Game Is a Lengthy Title, Then That Rule Applies Here


Dakko Dakko’s inaugural entry in the Minis program was The 2D Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character, whose quirky title directly reflects its core gameplay. Now, the developer is back with yet another game with a playful title, Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims. The fact of the matter is Dakko Dakko just titles their games descriptively faithfully, albeit a tad long but indeed accurate.

This particular Mini greatly reminds me of past Japanese games which possess eccentric gameplay and spirited animations. It’s difficult to categorize this game. Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims is part shooter, part defense game, a la Who’s That Flying?!. But one thing is for sure: this game is a whole lot of fun.

In Cloud God, you control a deity riding a cloud, just like Son Goku of Dragon Ball. I just can’t let up with the Japanese references, forgive me. Back to the game, your job, as a god, is to protect your pilgrims in their journey across perilous territories. There is no actual health bar, but the game definitely ends when your pilgrims meet their maker—well, they somewhat already did, but what I mean is that it is Game Over once every single one of them dies.

The pilgrims also empower you with their . . . love. You must get all of the love (given form as hearts) that they excrete, which then makes you much more powerful than you already are. You increase in size, look more menacing, and your attacks are more powerful. The pilgrims get the most excited when they witness ambushing ghosts and ghouls get annihilated by you. When they are excited, they produce more love, meaning more power to you.

However, you have to be very careful when shooting. You grow weaker with every shot, so try not to channel your inner war-freak and have a little restraint, for the good of both yourself and the pilgrims. You also lose some of your steam if you get hit by enemy forces. And sometimes, the situation calls to for you to sacrifice your mightiness and provide cover to the pilgrims from the enemy assault with your own self.

There are two types of attack: the normal shot (by pressing X), and the bomb shot (by pressing Circle). The direction of the normal shot depends on what direction you are pressing, so there is some strategy to what part of the screen you should be shooting from. Being too far from your pilgrims is very dangerous but allows you to cover more ground, while launching a full frontal assault can protect your pilgrims by absorbing all the incoming fire. You have to think through, in real time, what tactics you would like to employ. You can always get in the middle, then rush forward, then get to a safe distance; mix and match, and you got yourself going.

The bomb shot is used if you are above the enemy. But that’s not all, as some enemies can’t be killed with the bomb shot, only with the normal shot, and vice versa. There are also enemies where you have to inflict bomb shot damage first before switching to the normal shot to take them out.


You can shoot your own pilgrims, which makes them lose their hats. They won’t die, but it’s just a nice touch for cuteness. Also, the pilgrims upgrade their hats every time you complete a level if, and only if, no one dies. I haven’t really tried losing a pilgrim, since I readily reset the game if I suffer casualties—come on, you have to save them! They’re all too adorable. But they’re also all too weak, just one shot and they’re dead on the spot.

Enemies are varied, and they look good, even if they are vile and evil. There are boss fights, too, to keep you on your toes. The game art is astounding, really astounding. The animations are fluid, the music heavenly. The backdrops and environments look very good. Crazy, I so love it.

Admittedly, this game has its weaknesses. True, it has plenty of levels, but we’ve seen other Minis released with so much content. Cloud God could have included much more content, but I won’t whine about that. The game already offers too great an experience in a small package, and it’s just too pleasant to play this game.


Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims is charming, lovable, and ultimately relaxing, so much so that writing this review hasn’t seemed like a chore; instead, it seems like I am sharing the love, like what the pilgrims did to me while I was protecting them from harm.


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19 Responses to “Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims Review—If the Indication of a Good Game Is a Lengthy Title, Then That Rule Applies Here”
  1. onmode-ky says:

    “I just can’t let up with the Japanese references, forgive me.”

    For completeness’ sake, the whole “riding a cloud” thing is actually Chinese in origin. :)

    Do the pilgrims’ hat upgrades have any impact on the gameplay?

  2. Raphael says:

    The review rating is so deserved. The game is great and the graphics are outstanding beatiful. I couldn’t wait to play it so I bought the game the moment it went live in the EU store. Now I’m getting it for free with PS+ in the US. Oh, it can’t be helped^^…

  3. Ludo says:

    Can someone please tell me… is this one of those games where you have to mash the X button to fire rapidly, or does holding the button down get the same effect?

    I really like the look of the game but if rapid button-mashing is required I would have to give it a miss.

  4. Jasper Nikki says:

    No. Mashing the X button will weaken you. Shoot only if you can hit because the deity gets weaker for every shot he makes. Save the “bullets”,

  5. Ludo says:

    Thanks Jasper, will definitely have to pick this one up :)

  6. Shazbots says:

    Awesome review, I want to buy it but Im wondering if the game can be playable in the PsVita.

  7. Ofaliss says:

    The art style alone makes me want the game. I’ll give it a download sometime soon.

  8. Aaron Jean says:

    Eurogamer gave this Mini a 9/10. Especially considering they don’t review Minis all too often, that’s a very strong endorsement.

    Here’s one that really piques my interest.

  9. Roto says:

    This game seems really great, is it also playable on PSVita ?

  10. sniper712 says:


  11. Shazbots says:

    Nope it cant play on the PSVita. I just downloaded the game and can confirm that the game is not working with the Vita. It works just fine on the PS3 and PSP. Hopefully the developers of this very nice game will be cool enought to make it work on the Vita.

  12. Jasper Nikki says:

    The EU version can be played on Vita.

  13. Ofaliss says:


    Great little game, but it sucks that it doesn’t have any artwork when you select the game to be started up. It just has the game name scrolling. I don’t imagine that adding a wallpaper like most other games would have been that much of a hassle for them. Oh well.

  14. onmode-ky says:

    I wonder if that was an oversight. Their previous Mini, The 2D Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character, at least had a graphical text box show up when you select the game. And, Floating Cloud God does have a similar graphical text box show up when you select it on the PS3. It’s only on the PSP that you get simply the scrolling game title.

    Shazbots, I think the game does run on PSV, but the North American firmware doesn’t let it right now. It’s not something on the developer end that’s keeping the game from running on the PSV.

  15. Shazbots says:

    Whats up Ofaliss? Im alright, still in Poland and enjoying my stay over here. I got the Vita a month ago and I play the hell out of it. Im a bit mad at Sony for removing Motorstorm Artic Edge and Hot Shot Tennis Get a Grip, from the NA PSN store. I wanted to play those games on my Vita. I will now ask for a refund of those games, since I bought them and they are no longer on my download list =/.
    “onmode-ky” thank u for explaining it to me, I hope that the NA version gets the firmware update soon. I want to play that mini on my Vita and also GTA Libercity Stories =))

  16. Ofaliss says:

    Glad to hear all is well, Shaz. All is golden on my end too.

    I wouldn’t count on Sony giving you a refund on those games, but it they do let me know so I can get my moneys back too! :D

  17. Agent X says:

    There’s also an ongoing issue with the PlayStation Vita in North America, where any Minis that were obtained for free through PlayStation Plus cannot be transferred to the system, regardless of whether or not it was previously “certified” for compatibility. This means that even if Sony officially declares the game to be 100% compatible with Vita, we still can’t get the game onto the system in order to play it.

    Anyway, this is a great game. I’d love to be able to play it on my Vita, too.

  18. huicho619 says:

    Does this game save high scores?

  19. onmode-ky says:

    I rapid-fire in this game (so far, anyway; haven’t played that much) without really worrying about losing power. Rapid fire takes out enemies, and taking out enemies generates bigger hearts.

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