Game Codes Giveaway—20 Trailblazer – Europe & North America


EDIT: This draw is now closed. The winners will be announced in the comments and emailed personally with their codes. Thanks to everyone who entered.

After months of slow Minis news, the Minis program of late is ramping it up!

Ideas Pad sent us a serious amount of Trailblazer codes for every Minis lover in both territories to enjoy! Ten for each!

These codes allow you to download Trailblazer. If you don’t know anything about this game, check out our review.

Please read the instructions below to qualify for this promo.


Entry Details:

  • All you have to do is comment on this post below. That gets your name in the hat. After a week, we will pick the names from the hat and send them the codes.
  • IMPORTANT: Kindly specify your territory; put “NA” or “EU” right below your comment. Those who don’t follow instructions will be automatically disqualified.


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122 Responses to “Game Codes Giveaway—20 Trailblazer – Europe & North America”
  1. adi says:

    Psp,Psp minis.


  2. SeaBizzle says:

    I like minis!

  3. cbeaty816 says:


  4. addi2000 says:



  5. Davidscpsantos says:

    I really love minis


  6. JonP says:


  7. Glauberyt says:

    I really wish to see it on my Vita!


  8. Bloody says:



  9. milo128 says:

    Cool I’m in.


  10. szinobido says:

    Thank you for your effort, for a solid and fast reviews of Minis, so I can choose the ones I really like (and not spend money on bad ones, even if it is not a lot of money)!. Not a lot of general game review sites do actually review any minis, especially now, when we have so much going on with 3DS, Vita and Wii U!


  11. Ishar says:

    Great !

  12. bobby_s says:

    man its been a while sense i turned on my psp and a good mini wouldnt be a bad reason to get back into it. NA

  13. Centollu says:

    This is great!

  14. Jasper Nikki says:


    EU Winners

    Bruce Ironstaunch

    NA Winners

    Thane E Ahrens aka Vsin

  15. WOW, I just won a code for this game, THANK YOU PSPminis!

    I have only played this for about 15 minutes (I have it on pause to type this). I had to stop and come by to say this is a very good game and to give thanks. I had been on the fence about this as I wasn’t sure quite what to expect. I just wrote my first impression thoughts on it in the review section. I figure I may as well put it here too.

    It has the speed thrill of the old sonic games, a look that reminds me a lot of the beautiful Rainbow Road track in Mario Kart, plus reminds me of the look and feel of F-Zero for the Super Nintendo but done in short race bursts/laps. What little I have played so far seems like it’s going to keep you on your toes with split second puzzle maneuvering as well (but in a fun way).

    Plus the game has very nice look graphics with really good matching music to grab and keep your attention.

  16. manslayer911 says:

    Shame I wasn’t among the chosen. O well, there’s always next time. Congrats to all u winners.
    @ those of u who check the site weekly for giveaways, & also to the winners who aren’t yet registered with the forums, y not drop in for a visit? It’d be nice to hear some more opinions on what goes on there.

  17. Jasper Nikki says:

    It has come to my attention that some of the EU winners are not able to redeem their codes. I checked on the European PS Blog and found out that Trailblazer is,

    Only available in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom.

    I’ve got to apologize for not knowing this beforehand.

  18. Ofaliss says:

    My thanks to everyone responsible for me having this code. Congrats to fellow forum members onmode-ky, pekuja, raing, and kivi.

  19. kivi95 says:

    Guess I will only be able to play this on the ps3 then :( . Ahh wish you could have atleast 2 accounts on psvita!

  20. ChaosRandom says:

    I actually wanted this one. Congrats to…….well you know who you 5 are. The rest of you, like candy from a baby huh?

  21. readytorelease says:

    Thank You PSPMINIS for having the chance to win Trailblazer game in your game giveaway it was fantastic & fun to be in it to win it.

  22. airtoast says:

    Thank you to PSPMinis and Ideas Pad! Can’t wait to get home from work and fire up Trailblazer!

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