Upcoming—SAR – Search and Rescue


There’s been a ruckus in the gaming community with the PlayStation Vita not being able to play some Minis, notably the PS Plus freebies. FINALLY, we’ve got news that isn’t relating to Minis not working on PS Vita! The ESRB has rated SAR – Search and Rescue, a classic arcade vertical shooter.

I am not 100% sure if this classic will be part of the SNK Mini portfolio. Given SNK Playmore’s enthusiastic porting of several SNK classics to the program, chances are this one is going to be a Mini.

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2 Responses to “Upcoming—SAR – Search and Rescue”
  1. onmode-ky says:

    SAR was one of the games in the Asia-only SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 0 collection, so it will be released here as a Mini.

    By my count, there are now only 2 games from that collection left to release as Minis in the West, Ikari Warriors III and Super Championship Baseball.

  2. JeremyR says:

    You have to admit, that’s a pretty awesome logo. Like a action comic strip from the 1930s – Flash Gordon or the Phantom.

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