First Impressions – Echoes

echoes-5It seems like lots of people have been waiting to see Halfbrick Studios’ Echoes as a mini, and now it’s here it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Even from the first glimpse of the menu screen you can see what a stylish and unusual game it is. The pastel illustration of game heroine Charlie with her shadowy ‘Echoes’ looming in the background briefly sets the scene, then it’s straight into the action.

At first you only have access to Arcade mode, so it’s there that you learn the ropes and unlock the other modes (Jackpot, Survival and Clockwork). The presentation, like the gameplay, is as simple as it is clever – Charlie is depicted simply by the top of her bonnet, so that even though essentially you’re controlling a small disc, you still get the sense of her as a little girl lost in a surreal universe.

The top-down gameplay involves collecting crystals and avoiding the shadowy Echoes, which ingeniously are actually echoes of your own movements, your own footsteps in time, created every time you collect a crystal. In Arcade mode, whenever you touch an Echo, you lose a life, so the aim is to collect the required number of crystals before you die. The time it takes you to achieve this determines your place on the high score leader board.

Initial thoughts after playing Echoes for an hour or so are how much fun it is to play, and how wonderfully inventive each little gaming world is, starting with the very first world, a map of Australia from the Brisbane-based Halfbrick Studios!

Stay tuned for the full review in which we’ll follow Charlie further down the rabbit hole as we explore the game in depth and explain all the different modes and power-ups.

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7 Responses to “First Impressions – Echoes”
  1. joe382 says:

    Would you recommend me getting it now? Can you tell if it is worth it yet?

  2. David Black says:

    Alright, even without the full review, I’m sold. I’ll be downloading this on my coffee break today.

  3. Maura says:

    Hi joe
    I definitely think it’s worth it, especially for that price!

  4. joe382 says:

    thanks Maura, gonna get it right now.

  5. Zoibie says:

    Anxiously waiting for the review, though I know I’ll probably buy it anyway after this glowing preview.

    Do you know what Halfbrick’s next mini will be? Greg Miller was talking about it on their IGN podcast and he said it would be something to look forward to.

  6. Chris says:

    Zoibie, Halfbricks next mini is Blast Off and it’s due out on the 24th. Just a couple of days.

  7. Jas says:

    This game looks good! About time some good games started coming through on the minis. I am going to download it now.

    Oh, and I just found out that it only costs $3.00 w00t! even better.

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