Zombie Tycoon: New Gameplay and Cut-Scene Screenshots

zombie tycoon 4

Fresh off the Frima Studios website are some very promising looking screenshot of the upcoming PSP Minis game Zombie Tycoon. The game play screenshots look to back up Frimas promise of a quirky and funny gaming experience.

“Zombie Tycoon is a humorous game that puts the player at the helm of their very own ravenous zombie horde! Using a mix of fast-paced action and strategic execution, players can amass a terrifying undead army and conquer the entire world!”

zombie tycoon 2zombie tycoon 3

I’m really digging the art style of this game. From what looks like the games splash screen (top), it will host a wide range of cool, wacky characters.

The game will have animated cut-sences which will help “uncover a tale for intrigue and betrayal”. From the stills they look to be high quality, and if done well will really help to deliver a polished gaming experience.

zombie tycoon 5zombie tycoon 6

From what we know about the game, this is one title that I am looking forward to playing.

  • Control three unique and hilarious zombie hordes
  • Play through 10 levels and solve puzzles in order to infest every part of the map and achieve world domination;
  • Choose from over 100 quirky items, armor sets and weapons for your zombie horde;
  • Burn cities to the ground with the unique combat system allowing the player to attack humans AND the places they call home.

Apparently the game will be out in October, but no news yet on whether this will be a launch title.

You can see more screenshots and concept art on the Frima Studios website.

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2 Responses to “Zombie Tycoon: New Gameplay and Cut-Scene Screenshots”
  1. MGO_Count says:

    Yes! More zombie goodness?
    + were the zombies!?

    Haha this game looks good.

    I hope it’s a launch title.

  2. sublime90 says:

    this actually looks pretty cool, cant wait for more details

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