World PlayStation Store Update—21st December 2011


2 new Minis in the world this week.

P.O.W. – Prisoners of War and Prehistoric Isle are both SNK arcade re-releases.

*Red = New Worldwide

NA Minis

EU Minis

  • Orbit (£2.49/€2.99)

Price Drops (NA)

  • 5-in-1 Arcade Hits – Sale – (now $0.99, original price $3.99) – Review
  • Blimp: The Flying Adventures – Sale – (now $0.99, original price $1.99) – Review
  • MiniSquadron – Sale – (now $0.99, original price $1.99) – Review
  • One Epic Game – Sale – (now $0.99, original price $1.99) – Review
  • The Impossible Game – Sale – (now $0.99, original price $2.99) – Review
  • Doodle Pool – Permanent – (now $0.99, original price $4.99) – Review
  • Retro – Cave Flyer – Permanent – (now $0.99, original price $4.99) – Review
  • Zombie Racers – Permanent – (now $0.99, original price $6.99) – Review

PlayStation Plus (NA)

  • A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks! – Free – Review
  • *Prehistoric Isle [in 1930] – 20% off
  • *P.O.W. – Prisoners of War – 20% off
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15 Responses to “World PlayStation Store Update—21st December 2011”
  1. Freelance says:

    Prehistoric isle has finally come, and before the holidays. I am pleased. Game is hard though!

  2. confuletlyf says:

    got One Epic Game ^.^ don’t know why I hadn’t earlier but am stoked to try it out at work tomorrow.

  3. JeremyR says:

    Grip has always been great about putting their stuff on sale.

  4. onmode-ky says:

    To summarize the discounts:

    - Grip Games has 5 titles on sale for a buck each.
    - Big Head Games dropped 3 titles’ prices (a very large percentage cut for each) so that the bundle they released last week with all 3 of them isn’t quite as big a savings over buying them separately.
    - Nordcurrent bundled two pairs of their Minis—they also bundled two non-Minis PSP games, 101-in-1 Megamix and the worthwhile Fading Shadows.

  5. chapnis says:

    Aw man, I was hoping for sales like the US ones…

  6. onmode-ky says:

    I’m amused that the whacked-out date in the post’s title went seemingly unnoticed by everyone. I’ve fixed it now.

  7. There is a major minis sale in Europe (Pick & Mix), with 50 minis each only for 1€ (including MiniSquadron, Blimp and One Epic Game!), if you buy 5 games in total.

    But it went strangely under the radar…

  8. kivi95 says:

    Yeah how come it that the guys at the blog (europe) didn’t even say something about this amazing inis sale.

    When I saw it at the store bought it as fast as could and got some really bargains!!

  9. thumbbandit says:

    There is a sale on minis in Europe?
    When I checked the PSN on my PSP I found nothing!
    :( :( :(

  10. chapnis says:

    ^ Same. Although maybe it isn’t in New Zealand.

  11. Freelance says:

    So when is NA going to get a major Minis sale??

  12. sniper712 says:

    maybe EU getting sales is a means of boosting their economy, apparently we’re not bad enough to warrant some minis sale. POW looks good, might get it.

  13. angrymini says:

    heads up to anyone who plan on buying the mini Pick & Mix deal. there is a problem with it, and u cant transfer them to the psp. they said it might be a technical issue, but its holidays and no news on when this will be fixed.

  14. sniper712 says:

    hmm, good thing i didn’t get that deal…

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