Screenies and More of I Kill Zombies


Minis news and releases are few and far between recently, but Open Emotion Studios are very much eager to talk about their upcoming Mini I Kill Zombies. The developers sent us an email regarding several updates to the Mini, including a number of new pickups like grenades, X2 damage and a refined chainsaw. There are also new game types like Maze and Defend the Teapot. A stamina bar has also been added to the game which allows your character to sprint and use special abilities unique to each. The game has now been expanded to 31 stages, and as expected from this studio, these levels will be incredibly designed. There are only five main arenas with different zombies. There will be unique in-game awards that will unlock characters to be implemented, too. Below are the usual screenshots:



Gettin' owned by Zombo


Frankenbee takes the pain

Bushido Jones attacks

Attacking Gombie with Grenades

The monstrosity that is?Ǫ Well ?Ǫ Play it to find out

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19 Responses to “Screenies and More of I Kill Zombies”
  1. onmode-ky says:

    Japser, I think the final image’s filename is malformed (which is why we can’t see it).

  2. Ofaliss says:

    Yeah, I was totally thinking that the filename was malnourished, preventing it from being seen. Good eye, onmode-ky.

  3. Ian B says:

    When is this due for release?

  4. Ofaliss says:

    I know it was sometime this month. I want to say that it’s coming out next week. For some reason the 6th is what jumps out at me when I try to remember which day P Daddy said it was coming out.

  5. thumbbandit says:

    This game gets better and better. ;)

  6. Ofaliss says:

    I was wrong.

    “I Kill Zombies will launch in Q1 2012 (Due to a packed December release schedule) and will cost €1.99, ¢2.49, £1.49 on your respective PS Stores!”

  7. onmode-ky says:

    2.49 cents is a bizarre price, but it still leaves room for Frima’s A Space Shooter for 2 Cents! to undercut it.

    As for the filename thing, Ofaliss, thanks, though it wasn’t so much “good eye” as me going through the source code as normal.

  8. KlydeX says:

    Looks cool,reminds me of Age of Zombies.Hey guys,where can i download this game!?

  9. confuletlyf says:

    I had completely written off this game… these new details have me intrigued though. Looking forward to this release now ^.^

  10. onmode-ky says:

    KlydeX, you’re asking where to download a game that isn’t even finished yet. . . .

  11. sniper712 says:

    price makes little difference, OE games made by P Daddy and team awesome never fails!!!

  12. Gerry says:

    I hope the screenshots don’t show the real thing. They’re so ugly :-( .

  13. sniper712 says:

    graphics don’t make the game, the gameplay and humor plus other stuff does.

  14. confuletlyf says:

    I agree with you sniper, but the screenshots don`t look polished. A game doesn`t have to look good, but it does need to look finished.

  15. VanWolfie says:

    Hey Gerry and to anyone else what would it be that you dislike or think is ugly about the graphic’s and pleases be a blunt and honest as you can!

  16. Gerry says:

    I’m sorry in case I sounded a bit rude. The energy/ weapon panel, the fonts and the objective screen actually look quite nice. What I dislike about the sprites and the backgrounds is, that they look like very early drafts and lack a lot of details.

  17. VanWolfie says:

    Nah you weren’t rude, just honest, which is what is needed. Plus its a game for you fan’s as well as ourselves. And everything is being updated so no worries might still look ugly but more polished haha.
    Cheers again Gerry for being honest!

  18. Freelance says:

    Is that guy in the middle supposed to be a werewolf with a hat or is it just a hat that has dog ears?

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