Open Emotion to Release Triple Pack


Haven’t bought all of Open Emotion’s Minis? Well, shame on you, because Mad Blocker Alpha, Ninjamurai, and Revoltin’ Youth are all fine games.

But, you can soon easily correct this, as they are offering a triple pack of their games, coming October 26th in Europe and November 8th in North America, presumably at a cheaper price (they didn’t list it).

Update – Paddy from Open Emotion has filled us in on the pricing - “The regular retail price will be €3.99 and $4.99 respectively but they will be on offer for €2.99 and $3.99 for a limited time :)

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14 Responses to “Open Emotion to Release Triple Pack”
  1. thumbbandit says:

    This is very good news to those who have yet to get any of Open Emotion’s games. ;)

  2. manslayer911 says:

    I want to Kill Zombies! lol I know it’s currently in development, but any word on when that’s coming out yet?

  3. sniper712 says:

    I kill zombies will be delayed till around mid November to avoid some issues, that way we get a solid game.

  4. Freelance says:

    So…how much is it?

  5. Didn’t want to give prices till they were confirmed -

    The regular retail price will be €3.99 and $4.99 respectively but they will be on offer for €2.99 and $3.99 for a limited time :)

    Does that help you out freelance?

  6. manslayer911 says:

    Yeah! Mid November! A solid game is always good to shoot for. Definitely lookin forward to it now. Think I’ll even pick up the bundle featured here in this article.

  7. Freelance says:

    Ooo nice. 4 bucks for 3 Minis I don’t have, 1 of which I wanted. Thanks!

  8. Skatingamer says:

    Why is it even necessary to release these deals at different times in different regions. WE ARE ONE WORLD. ONE PEOPLE. ALL GAMERS

  9. cr7camiao says:

    I only don’t own Revoltin’Youth yet so I won’t get it

  10. readytorelease says:

    Great bundle many of us will be getting this deal on the first week of launch for the lower price special.

  11. Ofaliss says:

    Skatingamer… You sir, deserve a cookie.

  12. sniper712 says:

    what the O-man said, have another cookie.

  13. Its not our fault its sonys – We would love our games to be released at the same time but the us have a much longer release delay between final approval and launch :(

  14. Freelance says:

    LAME!! It didn’t come out today. Stupid Sony.

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