Interview: StormBASIC on Licensing Their Platform to Developers in the Future

stormbasic1With the announcement of StormBASIC game DynoGems coming to the PSP I was intrigued by the possibility of their platform being an option for other game developers looking to bring a minis to the PSP. Luckily, CEO of StormBASIC, Fernando Sanchez was also interested in this possibility and contacted us to have a chat.

Could you tell us a little about your company and what the StormBASIC platform is?

Fernando Sanchez: StormBASIC is a video game & mobile application development firm, with more than fifteen years experience in the videogame industry, coming from  different functions (pure development, but also sales & marketing), from number one companies in this sector. We have developed a wide range of high quality titles & apps for smart portable devices (symbian, Windows Mobile , iPhone) & PC.

The brand “StormBASIC Games” is obtaining a huge repercussion in the media, as an example, on the Internet any search engine generates more than 500,000 entries from the brand. We are very proud of the recognition of both the specialized press and the gamers all over the world. We have many challenges coming in the future, are humble, and believe our base is very solid. We will continue investing in R & D as in the past we were one of the first ones integrating image recognition, accelerometers, augmented reality, connectivity or real 3D graphics in games for mobile devices.

In relation to the StormBASIC Platform, currently we have two versions, StormBASIC Platform 1 is oriented for independent or amateur developments. We started this platform almost 10 years ago. It is a full programming language with a user environment based on BASIC, very easy to use, and with the possibility to integrate different plug –ins, if you want to be sophisticated in your usage (image recognition, 3D, connectivity, etc). It is very oriented to Windows Mobile, Symbian & iPhone app´s development.

StormBASIC 2, it is much more sophisticated & oriented to professional development, with a wide & advanced 3D library’s collection, using C++, and where we have integrated as an example Open GL 2.0, script language, that gives you more graphics´ power potential. We are using it for PSP developments.

As a summary, StormBASIC 1 is very easy to use if you are not an advanced programmer and gives you enormous development capabilities, and StormBASIC 2 makes your life much easier if you are a professional :)

You have expressed an interest to open this platform for other developers to use. For developers looking to get into the portable market, making minis or iPhone games, this could be an excellent cross platform option. Could you tell us more about this possibility?

FS: Starting to license both platforms is in our plans for next year, but details still need to be defined.

What stage is the StormBASIC platform at in regards to being able to be used by other developers? For example, what documentation or tools are in place?

FS: StormBASIC Platform 1 has everything that is needed by an entry level developer and is ready. Next year we will launch for sure a free basic version. StormBASIC Platform 2 will come later. In the short term we are pretty much focused on launching our first PSP Minis title DynoGems & Alien Invaders 2 for iPhone, that gamers from 35 to 50 are going to enjoy. Also launching is our most ambitious game for this year, an incredible fantasy adventure with dragons, all types of fantastic creatures, and our beautiful heroin “Tehra” that we are fully convinced that everybody is going to love, called: “Tehra: Dark Warrior”. That is the first title that we are using a lot of the power from StormBASIC 2 Platform.

Sony struck a deal with Vicious Cycle Software allowing PSP minis developers to use the Vicious Engine at a reduced price. Obviously the Vicious engine is a very capable one and an attractive option for minis developers. Still, the reduced price is unknown so we don’t know just how affordable it is for independent or smaller studios. If StormBASIC were available to developers what do you think would make your platform more attractive over the Vicious Engine?

FS: StormBASIC has been purely focused the last 10 years in the mobile environment, the experience acquired during those years in that space, it is one of our biggest assets, and StormBASIC Platforms 1 & 2 are two development engines born to maximize development in the mobile/portable space in the short term.

If developers would like to explore the option of using your platform, ask questions or give you feedback what is the best way for them to do this?

FS: We have received many “informal” requests through our website during 2009 by many developers all over the world, it has been very positive for us to plan our future strategy to deploy this business. I would like to thank all of them for their valuable time, inputs & feedback during this time.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to talk to us.

You can get more information or conact StormBASIC via their website:

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5 Responses to “Interview: StormBASIC on Licensing Their Platform to Developers in the Future”
  1. prince caro 19 says:

    i believe i might have mentioned (or at least hinted) before that i am very interested in the field of videogame development as a career……..
    so im looking forward to learning more about this.

  2. JeremyR says:

    Oooh, their twitter says their DynoGems PSP is out Dec 3rd (didn’t say which region though)

  3. StormBASIC says:

    Sorry about that ;)

    Dyno Gems will be release December 3rd EU Asia-Pacific. Americas TBC.

  4. Jhonny says:


    more options

  5. Gregr says:

    is good to see that indies are becoming more & more important in this biz..

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