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Paddy from Open Emotion Studios sent us an email regarding their upcoming Mini, I Kill Zombies. This Mini will cost you 2 bucks. Release date is just around Halloween. Below are the game’s blurb, features and the usual screenshots:

I Kill Zombies is a new action hack and slasher from Open Emotion Studios which puts the “Fun” back into “Funeral…” You take control of one of five playable characters, each with their own weapon and storyline to battle your way through the horrific nightmarish new reality TV Show - I Kill Zombies. Can you survive all the rounds, defeat the legendary Bushido Jones and emerge the victor – Time will tell, but until then… Kill All Zombies :)

Here are the features:

A dark twisted sense of Humour,

Comical Dialogue and Voice Acting,

More gore than your average slaughterhouse,

A Quadruple Minigames including Fun Run, Freefall and Survival,

A bunch of awards so you can brag and show off,

Two Unlockable Characters – Including one from Open Emotions original Zombie Game :)

5 Arenas, 5 Bosses and 5 Enemy types mean plenty of variety for your Mayhem,

Different Endings for each character,

A rocking soundtrack by composer Fabrice Favre which echoes bands like SOAD, QOTSA and more…

The screenies:


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8 Responses to “More on I Kill Zombies”
  1. JeremyR says:

    What, are those zombie cactus?

  2. onmode-ky says:

    Of course not. They’re zombie cacti! ;P

  3. manslayer911 says:

    This one just landed a spot right at the top of my most wanted minis list. For 2 bucks I get to hack & slash zombies? Hell yeah I’m game. Hope it’s good.

  4. Ofaliss says:


    “Warning: May contain NUTS”

    Don’t tell me no one else saw that!

  5. chapnis says:

    Fantastic! That’s a helluva lotta content for a mini.

  6. thumbbandit says:

    Open Emotion + Mini = WINNER! :D
    I love the zombified fluzzles… way cool. ;)

  7. sniper712 says:

    basically what TB said, and i’m buying this day one like I did RY.

  8. Ha ha – sweet guys! Really digging the reaction to the game as are Colm English (Lead Programmer) James Sharkey (Lead Artist, Concept) and Darragh Jennings (Senior Programmer, Game Designer) – we cant wait to showcase it very soon in a bad ass trailer :) thanks again :D

    Paddy M.

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