Play PSP Minis on UMD and your PS3

UMD PS3In a chat with Sony Europe’s Zeno Colaco revealed some very interesting things about Sony’s vision for PSP Minis.

The first is that they expect PSP Minis to eventually end up on UMD in two possible forms – either as a compilation of the most popular minis, or as a a collection of one studio or publishers games.

“I think that many Minis titles wouldn’t necessarily hold up well at retail, which is a completely different environment.

However, the most successful Minis titles will probably transition onto UMD. I think that a package of multiple Minis games on a single UMD is a real possibility at a later stage, where even a studio or publisher will put a collection of their own games on a single disc. We’d be open to that.”

The second interesting thing revealed was that haven’t ruled out the Mini games transitioning to other consoles.

“These games won’t need to necessarily be built for the home console, and I think these games will find their true life and identity in those micro-bursts of play.

But I do think there’s a possibility that Minis could find themselves on other consoles down the line.”

By other consoles they could only mean the PS3, and future iterations of it and the PSP. Sony obviously has a long term hopes for the Minis range of games.

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