Upcoming—The Impossible Game


Grip Games announces that they are porting FlukeDude’s The Impossible Game to the PSP and the PS3. The Impossible Game is a rhythm-based platformer that has an old-school approach; a mistake puts you back at the beginning of the level. This game was originally an Xbox Live Indie Game and then later jumped onto several mobile platforms.

The PlayStation version of this game will contain an exclusive level aside from the original levels and level packs. This game will be released on the 6th of September in North America and the 7th of September in Europe. Prices are 2.99USD and 1.99EUR. PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive discounts if they decide to purchase the game. Trailer and additional screenshots after the break.


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12 Responses to “Upcoming—The Impossible Game”
  1. Identity25 says:

    I didnt know what to expect from the description before seeing the video, but seems a lot like I must Run, in a very different style.

    This could either be awesome or rubbish. My to questions would be:
    1) Is it actually to the rhythm, as the video doesnt seem to be.
    2) Why is there only one level been added exclusive to this version, seems odd that all they could bother putting in is one more

  2. Hey all.
    First of all, we are really excited about this announcement. The Impossible Game has made name for itself as being super-addictive retro platformer. It has conquered all the other platforms where it has appeared and I hope you will help us to achieve the same on the PlayStation Store! ;-)

    1) The rhythm helps to time the jumps correctly. This video is not to the rhythm as it is a montage of clips from various parts of the game.
    2) The Impossible Game is not called impossible just to make it sound good. Finishing a level can take hours (and possibly a need to replace the PSP you have just thrown out of the window ;-) ). The original The Impossible Game contained only one level and that was still too much for many of the players to handle ;-)

  3. FriedAttack says:

    Looks a lot like Bit.Trip.Runner which I loved.

  4. Identity25 says:

    Thanks for answering my questions. The video not being in time makes perfect sense now, silly me! As for the extra one, that also makes sense!

    I withdraw both my concerns, I look forward to it!

    (I had to edit this post, as you apparently can’t duplicate words!! Never come across that before!)

  5. Ofaliss says:

    I’m secretly a graphics whore and seeing this just makes me smh. BUT, I have passed up some good games because of my graphics whoreism, and have later come back to them and found that I enjoyed them greatly.

    I honestly don’t this is going to be one of those times! But I still wish the guys at Grip Games all the best with this release.

  6. Ofaliss says:


    “I honestly don’t think…”

    Not only is that a correction, but is also a double entendre! :D

  7. Ayopip says:

    Seems awesome =)) I love rhythm games. Excited for this!

  8. TKL says:

    I downloaded US version.
    It’s extremely difficult…
    Controls are smooth.
    Graphics and sounds are really cool.
    But.. I cannot beat even first level.
    However I will keep to try.
    Practice mode will be help (unlimited checkpoints).
    It’s a good game at all.
    (I am Japanese. Forgive my poor English)

  9. onmode-ky says:

    TKL, kono SAITO de nihongo mo daijoubu desu yo! . . . Maa, watashi igai wa tabun daijoubu ja arimasen. Sore ni, watashi wa nihongo ga choppiri dake dekiru kara. . . . Well, it doesn’t really matter. Your English so far is perfectly comprehensible.

    I am American. Forgive my poor Japanese. :) And it seems the comment system here does not take Japanese-language input, so I had to go with romaji. :( The forum is Japanese-compatible, though.

  10. TKL says:

    “onmode-ky, goshinsetsu ni arigatou gozaimasu.
    anata no nihongo ga kanpeki nanode odoroki mashita.
    watashi wa America no Game de eigo wo oboemashita.
    America ya Europe no Game wa totemo omosiroku,
    tegaru na Game mo honkakuteki na Game mo daisuki desu.”

    Thank you onmode-ky.
    I really surprised your Japanese is perfect.
    I have learned English with playing American games.
    American games and Europian games are really fun.
    I love them both casual games and hardcore games.

    And thank you for you told me about the forum.
    Maybe I will try it next time.

    The impossible game is a good game.
    I beat first and second level yesterday.
    It’s really challenging but reasonable.
    As $2.99 ,It is worth to try.

  11. onmode-ky says:

    Heh, thank you for your kind words, TKL. While I did learn kana on my own and took 1.5 years of Japanese in college, I also learned a lot from anime, manga, and games. :) They don’t teach words like “saishuu heiki” or “zettai ryouiki” in school. :D Or “sessha” and “onushi.”

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