Upcoming—I Kill Zombies


Do you worry about the future of the Minis program? Will Sony and other developers abandon the PSP and the Minis for the PS Vita? Well, at least in October/November, there is an upcoming Mini. And it’s a zombie game! This Mini focuses on melee combat and promises exciting and intense boss battles, lots of gore and plenty of inappropriate content! I wonder what this inappropriate content Paddy from Open Emotion Studios is talking about is. After the break, another screenshot and more information about the game are posted.

I kill zombies 1

It [I Kill Zombies] will contain over 20 Stages, Multiple Mini Games, Achievements, Score Attacks, Leaderboards and more!

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4 Responses to “Upcoming—I Kill Zombies”
  1. OpenEmotion says:

    Well one example of the inappropriate content in it is the “Dog Catcher Z” who is carrying a bag of infected Miniature Dachshunds which he throws at you… If you hit him with a Molotov, he explodes, his bag bursts and burning zombie dogs run around everywhere (These can be used to set other zombies on fire, but watch out for them yourself) XD

  2. Ofaliss says:

    I like the sound of that Paddy!

    I’m not sure about the visuals, but if I learned anything from my time with Ninjamurai, it’s to never judge one of you guys’ games just from the screenshot.

  3. volcane says:

    lol this sounds awesome! :-D

  4. ChaosRandom says:

    Looks good. Kill all bugs!

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