Upcoming—Hysteria Project 2

Hysteria Project 2 - 01In an unexpected channel, I found out that Sanuk Games is porting Hysteria Project 2 to the Minis program. I found this information in Google’s social network, Google Plus, after Sanuk Games added me up. They posted an album of Hysteria Project 2 photos and described it as  ”coming soon” as a PSP/PS3 Mini. The iOS version of Hysteria Project 2 was already released early this year. Hysteria Project 2 is the sequel to, obviously, Hysteria Project. These games are interactive FMV-based horror adventures. The usual screenshots below:

Hysteria Project 2 - 06Hysteria Project 2 - 07Hysteria Project 2 - 09Hysteria Project 2 - 08Hysteria Project 2 - 10

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5 Responses to “Upcoming—Hysteria Project 2”
  1. Ofaliss says:

    Google+ FTW! I still need to pick up Hysteria Project, but it’s cool to see mini sequels even if they are ports. Maybe we’ll see more sequels to mini original minis.

  2. thumbbandit says:

    I enjoyed the first one, and look forward to getting this one also. ;)

  3. volcane says:

    Fantastic news! :-)

    I really enjoyed the first game, both because of the nostalgic FMV feeling as well as the intriguing storyline revealed when you complete the game (after completing the game, an icon appears on the main menu that grants you access to the detailed background information and a more complex plot than you would have first imagined when playing the game).

  4. PSPeeper says:

    Awesome — I’ve been waiting for this. I’m a closet FMV junkie!

  5. JeremyR says:

    I knew they were working on it, but those screens look like it’s almost finished…

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