Run Ghost Run Review—Simply Entertaining


StormBASIC is one of the most prolific developers for the Minis program. You know it’s a StormBASIC game even when it’s loading. It has its own distinctive font, graphics and overall feel to the game.

Run Ghost Run exemplifies the StormBASIC Mini, frenetic and similar to Japanese games. While I was disappointed with their last two Minis I reviewed, namely Karimogi and Dr. MiniGames, Run Ghost Run doesn’t disappoint a bit.

The game plays like Bubble Trouble (thanks SifJar!), and for older people’s reference it’s Buster Bros./Pang!/Pomping World (thanks halljames!). You control a guy who is trying to survive inside (and outside) a haunted castle. Surely, we are not interested in the backstory so I’ll leave it at that. Besides, the story is simply what I just said.

Moving on, you control a guy who shoots anti-ghost rays upward and only upward. You can move left and right through the directional buttons, and you can also utilize the analog nub. Every time you shoot down ghosts, they divide into several pieces, with the division method depending on their type. The white ghost continually divides into two smaller pieces until they are shut down to their limit. The blue ghost, once hit, explodes into six little pieces immediately, and shooting those little pieces eliminates them completely. The pumpkins are much like the white ghosts, but they bounce around ignoring gravity (unlike the other two ghosts).


There are also additional enemies like the bat and the snail. The snails are produced by the ghosts, and killing them is not a requirement. You can pretty much complete levels totally ignoring them. On that topic, the only way to complete a level is to destroy all of the ghosts before time runs out. Excess time is turned into bonus points, and every level is rated by percentage points and trophies.

Levels are each divided into four sublevels. Beating all of the four sublevels unlocks the level in the Adventure Mode. Another mode that is included in this game is Crazy Mode, your standard survival mode.

Run Ghost Run requires skill and a lot of patience. The hitbox is ridiculously sensitive. You are given only three lives, and a single touch from the ghosts wipes out a life completely. The game also relies heavily on luck. I was stuck in Level 2-2 for days, unable to net the desired power-up in that level in several tries. I needed the static shot (where a ray stays up until a ghost bumps into it or its time expires) desperately, but I was not given the chance. The other power-ups that can be found as enemy drops or inside treasure chests are as follows: double shot, extra time, dynamite (enemies explode once acquired), stop the enemies (time freeze), shield and some bonus points represented by various forms of sweets and fruits.

Run Ghost Run starts as a simple shooter, but then suddenly you are performing platforming actions as you go deeper into the game. Spikes and springs are added to later levels, as well as moving platforms and movable blocks.

The game is uneven in terms of difficulty. Some levels are hard to beat, and some are so easy it’s not funny. The graphics may not be the most awe-inspiring but do the job well. I love the soundtrack, but I think other people wouldn’t like it. Controls are perfect, too.


Run Ghost Run may not be a fancy game, but it’s a highly entertaining one. The platforming action is obscenely enjoyable even though sometimes you feel you are being cheated by the AI. All in all, Run Ghost Run is simply entertaining.


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4 Responses to “Run Ghost Run Review—Simply Entertaining”
  1. onmode-ky says:

    “every level is rated by percentage points and trophies”

    I’m not sure what that means. Percentage of what?

    Also, I’m rather curious what might be divisive about the soundtrack.

  2. Identity25 says:

    This reminded me of spit wad willy, , when I saw this review I went looking for it, despite not knowing its name, the wonders of youtube! Classic game of my youth.

    So I might have to buy this just to relive the days of something similar! I loved stormbasic’s 3,2,1 supercrash!

  3. thumbbandit says:

    I think the percentage is to do with accuracy.

    Nice review jasper, keep up the good work. ;)

  4. otaku says:


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