Mini Disgaea Game?

Disgaea InfiniteA new Disgaea title is currently in development and it may be coming out as a PSP Minis title. I say ‘may’ as there is some confusion over which platform it is being developed for. It’s definitely coming to the PlayStation Network, it’s just a matter of will it end up on the PSP, PS3 or both.

The tile of the game is Disgaea Infinite, and with the excellent reviews the first 3 games have received it’s definitely a game to be excited about.

As the source of this information was Sony Japan exhibit information for the Tokyo Game Show 2009, being held on September 24th to 27th, we should know for sure if this will be a PSP Minis title by the end of the month.

Source: PSN Disgaea To Be Shown At TGS

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One Response to “Mini Disgaea Game?”
  1. MGO_Count says:

    I also heard that NIS will sell Disgaea games for DD half the price for the UMD (Read it somewhere on the PSN forums that looks official).

    Seriously though, don’t miss out the Disgaea games.
    They’re just as good as Final Fantasy tactics.

    For FFT you can only reach lvl 99.
    But for Disgaea, you can reach 9999. And it takes awhile.. (Literally awhile to get to the highest level).

    You’re not the only one who can reach lvl 9999, also the enemies at a certain point will reach that level in the item world.

    And once your ready, you can fight Prinny Baal (his stats are millions :| )
    Doooo not miss out Disgaea games !!

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