Star Hammer Tactics Hitting North America


It’s been something of a long wait, as Star Hammer Tactics was released almost a year ago in Europe, but this well received tactical strategy title from Black Lab Games is finally headed to North America, as revealed by the ESRB.

Hopefully the recent PSN problems won’t complicate the release.

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5 Responses to “Star Hammer Tactics Hitting North America”
  1. volcane says:

    Congrats Black Lab Games! :-)

  2. Enker says:

    Speaking as one who brought it on launch in the UK – AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

  3. Nexus Prime says:

    I take it this isn’t as good as Gratuitous Space Battles.

  4. Paul says:

    So, enker, it take it you didn’t like it?

    Star Hammer Tactics is a strategy game done in a *minis format*. If you are expecting GSB or a full blown 4x you will be disappointed, but I didn’t design it to be another GSB or 4x.

  5. Enker says:

    I’m sorry Paul, I played it through to completion, but couldn’t bring myself to love it. Honestly I was just hoping for something simple and fast-paced in the tactics genre, but felt the the controls were too fiddly and the missions very similar to eachother. Perhaps if more board-game elements were added or if each unit was afforded a movement range and one action per turn it would have felt less stilted? I’m a big genre fan and was really looking forward to both the interesting setting and the first tactics game for the medium, but it didn’t live up to expectations and became a trial to complete instead of a pleasure. I WILL be purchasing future games within the franchise you’re creating to see how it developes – but I can’t recommend this game over other similarly priced titles.

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