Mega Minis Are Here!


While PSN may be down for the near future, in Australia (and Europe?) you can get your Mini fix the old fashioned way—on UMD! Sony has just released 3 compilations of 4 titles per UMD, as part of the budget Essentials line. You also get voucher codes to download the games, as well as a code for a fifth title.

While there should be plenty of space on the UMD for the fifth one (and eighteenth), I guess it’s their way of introducing people only familiar with UMDs to PSN. A cunning plan, but one that didn’t quite work out, at least this week, with PSN not being up.

Volume #1
Pinball Fantasies
Spot the Differences!
Zombie Tycoon
Vibes (download only)

Volume #2
Arctic Adventures: Polar’s Puzzles
Coconut Dodge
Red Bull X-Fighters
Young Thor
Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess (download only)

Volume #3
Arcade Air Hockey & Bowling
Archibald’s Adventures
Who’s That Flying?!
Ice Road Truckers (download only)

Except that last one and YetiSports, these are some of the best, though there is a serious lack of StormBASIC games.

(big thanks to raing3 for the recent update and pspgamer01 for the original story, as well as Mother Nature for stopping the rain for a while so I can finally use the Internet)

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2 Responses to “Mega Minis Are Here!”
  1. CRyan1997 says:

    Honestly I disagree with the choice of minis, if they want to get people interested in the minis program they should choose better ones

  2. volcane says:

    I think this is a good stategy. Makes the Minis more accessible to those more comfortable with UMD, while at the same time introducing people to the PSN.

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