Upcoming—Revoltin’ Youth


In another one of those “Better Late Than Never” posts (I swear, I thought we had one on it, oops, sorry), Open Emotion Studios announced its third title, Revoltin’ Youth a little while ago. It is a puzzle-platformer, where you control three different youths to solve levels. Essentially somewhat like The Lost Vikings or Trine, but with, uh, hipsters:

Revoltin’ Youth is a puzzle platformer starring three head strong teens called Badger, Cole and Kamiko. An evil Bad-Vertising agent called Big-Wig has come to their town and thrown up marketing propaganda all over, enslaving the regular civilians of the city. Badger, Cole and Kamiko don’t seem to be affected by this and are determined to put a stop to Big-Wig and his robotic minions and free the people of Revoltin City.

Revoltin’ Youth causes players to think situations through as you will need the skills of different characters to activate certain switches etc. For example, Badger can use his spray cans in context sensitive situations to create a hang-glider and get to an unreachable area, where as Kamiko can scale certain walls and Cole can take out Enemies, push crates and push through strong gusts of wind.

Featuring 50 Levels, A robust “Urban” soundtrack, Unique Pixel Art visuals and memorable characters and enemies, Revoltin’ Youth has all the potential to be Open Emotion Studios most successful game to date.

The game is slated for release in June or July, with a gameplay trailer due soon, in early May.

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16 Responses to “Upcoming—Revoltin’ Youth”
  1. Ofaliss says:

    Tsk, tsk, tsk, Jeremy. O_O

  2. OpenEmotion says:

    In other news, If you really want to see the game in motion we can upload an in game video to our youtube page… Just so long as I put in Music and SFX :P Really psyched about this one guys and it should have a really low price point at launch too :D

  3. Also don’t forget you can follow the game over on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Revoltin-Youth/198006483564429 – We’re constantly leaking out info like some kind of bust info ship :P

  4. chapnis says:

    Put up a video! I’m excited, definitely gonna but if the price is right.

  5. volcane says:

    Oh yes, please put up a video! :-)

  6. OpenEmotion says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lb_56fXAVAs – Enjoy guys, I know its only a small teaser but I hope it gives you a feel of the game. Really psyched about this and Ninjamurai both launching soon :D

  7. ChaosRandom says:

    Anyone reminded of Jet Set Radio Future or Jet Grind Radio?

  8. Takao says:

    I’m actually more reminded of Viewtiful Joe. They share a very similar bold and striking color palete and art style.

  9. onmode-ky says:

    Haha! I was, in fact, thinking to myself, “That guy looks a lot like Viewtiful Joe.”

  10. OpenEmotion says:

    Guys seriously these are awesome compliments to be getting about this – Super psyched to see your responses. Can’t wait to show you more gameplay footage ;)

  11. volcane says:


    Nice teaser trailer vid Paddy!

  12. thumbbandit says:

    Another one to add to my list. ;)

  13. thumbbandit says:

    I just watched the vid again and noticed something… the 4 brainwashed people at the start… are they digital representations of you 4 guys? :P

  14. OpenEmotion says:

    Guilty as charged TB ;)

  15. thumbbandit says:

    Hey!!! less of the TB… you make me sound like some kind of STD. lol

  16. onmode-ky says:


    Tuberculosis is not an STD. . . .

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