VectorTD – Upcoming Mini

VectorTDLooks like Candystand are getting pretty excited about the forthcoming release of their exclusive Flash game VectorTD as a PSP mini. They’ve just confirmed in their blog that the popular tower defence game will soon be coming out as a mini, possibly in time for Christmas.

VectorTD is the third TD game made by David Scott, with Flash Element TD and Flash Circle TD being the first two. In the Flash version of the game, you must build towers to stop the invading Vectoids in time-honoured TD tradition. You have eight maps to defend and 11 different types of tower to help you defend them, all of which can be upgraded up to 10 times and/or sold.

VectorTD also introduces the concept of booster towers, which support the other towers by increasing their damage or range when placed nearby. It’ll be interesting to see what changes and additions, if any, are made to the minis version; hopefully we won’t have too long to wait to find out.

Also, judging by a previous post on Candystand’s blog and the You Tube teaser video below, they may well have more minis in the pipeline, some of which look really exciting. I for one would love to see Hyper Riders as a mini! We’ll keep you updated on further developments as always.

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6 Responses to “VectorTD – Upcoming Mini”
  1. bobby says:

    im not so sure about candystand games coming to psp. i mean they have to charge something right? 5-10 bucks? for games you can just go on there website right now and play for free. good idea but i dont understand why you’d pay for that.

  2. JeremyR says:

    Well, I guess they figure people might like those games and want to play them on the go.

    But, I do have to wonder about the pricing. I’m not saying the games there look bad (didn’t try any successfully, clicked on a couple but they never loaded, never tried playing games on a casual game portal like that before, so I dunno how it works) But none of them even look like $4 games (comparing them to the pretty well polished Mahjongg Artifiacts, which is $4 and I guess the cheapest Mini).

    Can they make money selling cheaper than that $1-2 each? Or will they try for more?

    I guess we’ll see, and more the merrier.

  3. Robin Yang says:

    Hey Maura – thanks for writing up the news. (Hi! I’m the Community Manager at Candystand, btw)

    It’s true, you can play the games for free on the browser, but as we’ve seen with iPhone releases (our puzzle game Electric Box included), people are willing to pay $1-10 for the convenience of having a game to play on-the-go. We’re definitely pricing VectorTD PSP competitively against other Minis (price TBA) and we think users will be pleasantly surprised by the game’s translation onto the PSP :D

  4. CubeStick says:

    This is good news. Candystand’s got some of the best flash games I’ve ever played and they’d be ideal for on-the-go play.

    Definitely looking forward to VectorTD but I’m excited for Blackbeard’s Assault. Will that one be released anytime soon? I hope so.

  5. Chris says:

    Hey Robin. Thanks for dropping by and giving our readers the heads up.

    I agree. If a game is good enough and the price is right then I’ll happily pay to be able to play the game on the go.

  6. David Black says:

    That trailer really showcases the variety of games that Candystand has. I’ll gladly pay a few bucks to pay some of these games on the go. Hopefully they will be priced competitively!

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