Age of Zombies Wins 2011 Gamer’s Choice Award for Best Mini


While Barry Steakfries and Halfbrick Studios have left for the greener pastures of the iPhone, that didn’t stop his debut title, Age of Zombies, from winning the 2011 PlayStation Network Gamer’s Choice Award for Best Mini.

That also means that it will be priced 30% off, 50% for PS+ members, presumably this coming week.

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7 Responses to “Age of Zombies Wins 2011 Gamer’s Choice Award for Best Mini”
  1. Shazbots says:

    Thats good to hear. I already own the game and is fun, it just sucks that Halfbrick Studios left the minis program for the Appstore =(. They could still make games for the PSP if they wanted too, heck thats where they started.

  2. I am very surprised to see this win. I voted for ASS For 2 Bucks. While this one is a fun game, to win for best Mini of all the rest seems a bit of a stretch though. For us PS3+ members, why bother with 50% off? It was free before for plus users.

  3. I just noticed it’s still free for plus users. How is it going to be %50 off of free? Or are they replacing free with half off the normal price? That would really be stupid.

  4. JeremyR says:

    Strictly speaking, most of the Half Brick stuff was originally on the Xbox 360 (the Indie game section). Only Age of Zombies was new.

    Only they seem to have stuck with the 360. Oh well.

    Anyway, I guess we will have to see how it will work. But you can’t buy the “free” games when you are PS+? I thought maybe there was still an option, since when you stop subscribing, you no longer have them.

    But I’m guessing this is something Sony didn’t think about…

  5. djax says:

    Pacman is better, Who’s That Flying?! is better, Alien Zombie Death is better…

  6. TJF588 says:

    Who’s That Flying?! was a 2011 release. besides, I voted for M(P)SMP. Not that I didn’t already own most of those; only Vector TD or whatever it was is off my list.

    Even though it was a long shot to win, I was hopin’ for Costume Quest to win PSN, if only so I might’ve been able to spring for its expansion on the cheap. :D

  7. Balrog says:

    Who’s That Flying?! was a November 2010 release fyi.

    I have a theory as to why AoZ was picked ahead of ASSF2B. Everyone wanted AoZ on sale because they already owned ASSF2B, also half off $2 isn’t much…

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