Basha Baloot Review—A Short Review

We meet again.

We meet again.

I’ve already intensely discussed Basha Baloot in the review for Basha Card Game Collection. It is also highly recommended to read the Basha Tarneeb and Basha Trix reviews in order to grasp both the gameplay and the atmosphere of Basha Baloot. I find it not necessary to explain things I’ve already relayed; hence, this will come down as a very short review. To summarize, this is only a review for formality’s sake.

Basha Baloot’s gameplay is ridiculously complex for those who have no prior knowledge of this card game. It is somewhat enjoyable if you are able to FINALLY understand the mechanics. It took me an incredible amount of effort to do so. This Mini is not novice-friendly, since the instructions are not available while playing it. You have to go back to the main menu to access them. You have to learn everything completely before even trying to play the game.

As soon as you understand the game, you are faced with broken team play. Yes, this card game is team-based, but it does not show here. If you are knowledgeable about this game, don’t pick it up. Buy the Basha Card Game Collection instead, because it includes this and two more Basha card games (of which Basha Trix is quite nice). If you don’t know anything about this game, let this pass. This caters only to a niche audience and to those who have a brave heart.


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2 Responses to “Basha Baloot Review—A Short Review”
  1. JeremyR says:

    Basha Baloot sounds like a 19th Century baseball player.


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