Patched—Mad Blocker Alpha: Revenge of the Fluzzles


Open Emotion Studios sent us a notification that Mad Blocker Alpha: Revenge of the Fluzzles recently received a patch. Below are the added features of the new version:

  • Tower Mode High Score Table,
  • High Score Boards now accessible from the Menu,
  • Objectives screen now accessible in game,
  • Bug Fixes for Random Crash error,
  • Also some Minor bug fixes for other completely nondescript things

Also, this Mini is going to be released in all other EU territories, which will have the patched version immediately available for download.

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15 Responses to “Patched—Mad Blocker Alpha: Revenge of the Fluzzles”
  1. volcane says:

    Fantastic news!

    Many thanks to Open Emotion Studios for responding to community feedback and updating an already excellent game :-)

  2. ninigou says:

    is it going to be version 2.0 ?

  3. thumbbandit says:

    Don’t forget the truly awesome music volcane. ;)
    Good point ninigou, an updated version number would help a lot. :D

  4. Tyrael87 says:

    isn’t the “first” version the v1.05?

  5. Version 3.0 – We don’t do things by halves lol :P

    P.Murphy (Cheers you guys, we hope you enjoy the update)

  6. FolkoRoco says:

    If only they woudl sort out Angry Birds in a similar way!

  7. halljames says:

    So does this mean its available on the store now. Do I need to redownload it?

  8. thumbbandit says:

    No, it goes live on thursday. ;)
    I can’t wait. :D

  9. Tyrael87 says:

    wait, the next version is going to be v3.00?

  10. Paddy Murphy says:

    Heh Heh – Yup Tyrael87 -

    You have to update the version numbers even in failed QA runs – It should give you an idea of how unprepared we were going into bug testing… So yup it’s V3.00 and its been given the all clear, no bugs allowed stamp of approval. Wah hey! :D

  11. djax says:

    I checked store, still is 2.01 without update :-( .

  12. thumbbandit says:

    Tomorrow djax… not today.
    Still can’t wait. ;)

  13. djax says:

    No, today, Open Emotion Studios wrote it today to Facebook:

    “Hey guys, Today is the day the Mad Blocker Alpha patched version (3.00) goes live on PSN – If you already have the game just redownload it later on this evening (After 5 I think, Just make sure your version is 3.00 after downloading) – Also great news for people in continental europe – The game should be with you guys later this evening so please check it out and be sure to tell your mates! :D Peace out! OES”

  14. OpenEmotion says:

    Yo Guys,

    Sony said this was an issue on their end and they will have it sorted in all territories this week. i apologise anyway…


    Paddy M.

  15. djax says:

    Thanks for information. This week on regular PSN update, or at random day this week?

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