First Impressions – Zombie Tycoon

zombie-tycoon-2We thankfully didn’t have too long to wait for this mini after the tantalising trailer was released this week, and after a few hours play it really is shaping up to be every bit as good as the trailer promised, if not more.

Zombie Tycoon is the first mini to be released utilising the Vicious Engine, and what an encouraging debut it is. If this is the sort of thing we can look forward to from studios such as Frima using the Engine, we’re all in for a treat.

So far, Zombie Tycoon ticks all the boxes for me: gorgeous cartoon graphics, witty cutscenes, brain-eating zombies, wanton destruction, black humour… it’s got it all, and it will have you grinning from ear to ear from the moment you see the fleshy pink brain on the loading screen filling up with green goo, emblazoned with the legend: “zombie invasion in progress.”

The graphics are simply stunning, the colours are so vibrant and bright and the depth of detail is amazing. I love the way you can effortlessly zoom the camera in and out with the d-pad buttons and seamlessly move it around the level with the analog stick to either get an up-close view of the action or to pull back to a top-down view to plan your attack.

The gameplay is essentially strategy-based: you control three zombie hordes – red, blue and green – using the analog stick and the cross, square, circle and triangle buttons to direct them to attack your next target. You have a series of objectives to fulfil as your hordes rampage their way around town, most of which are trashing buildings and killing people!

You can also equip each of your three squads with items of clothing, weapons, and other special objects to boost their stats or sometimes to deal with obstacles you might come across in the game. Many of these items, such as bunny slippers for extra stealth, for example, fit in perfectly with the game’s twisted sense of humour.

To sum up, it only takes a few minutes of gameplay let alone hours to see that Zombie Tycoon is a game that everyone is going to want to play, and the fact that it’s currently a minis exclusive is even better.

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7 Responses to “First Impressions – Zombie Tycoon”
  1. James Hall says:

    I agree, so far I am enjoying it, but one thing I am worried about is its longevity. With only 10 levels, will I get through them too quickly. I am up to level 3 so far.

    It is very good though, and for £3.99, a bargain.

  2. LittleRock says:

    The one big complaint I have is that as a mini you should be able to save your progress at any time and quit the game. You can do this is Fieldrunners, and it works great. I don’t mind using my “Pause Game” function on it, but I jump around games a lot (short attention span) and would like to be able to just save and exit out at any time. That’s my only complaint and its not a big one.

    All that said, this game is fun. The graphics/cut scenes are cute and the game play is simple enough to catch on quickly. I’m not put off by the small amounts of stages. That’s what minis are supposed to be. Small consumable games that are affordable. I’d rather buy 6 minis than 1 full priced game.

    A fun buy.

  3. David Black says:

    I’m so glad you got this up so quickly. I’ll be downloading this to purchase tonight : )

  4. ZombieRFun says:

    I bought Zombie Tycoon this morning and having a blast ! I’m at level 4 only, but this game is worth every penny. I like how you can equip your zombie with items like a fish or a pencil ! The humor is good too. Only concern is that the game cannot be saved at any given time like someone else already said, but hey, its not really worth mentionning. Best Mini yet !

  5. Raymond says:

    Looks really good! :D

  6. Count says:

    Yeah, been playing it awhile too. Reached level 3 xD. Fun game.

  7. Chris Ramsey says:

    I just bought it, and it’s great! I’m stuck on level 3 though. But the gameplay is great, graphics are fun, and cutscenes are hilarious!

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