Angry Birds Review—Enraging


*The version played for this review is the North American version.

Minis ports from the iPhone/iPod are generally great games. They wouldn’t be ported to the PSP if they had sold poorly in the iOS environment. Though it would be ignorant to conclude that a game were good simply because it sold well, it is more often than not true. And porting costs a lot of money, too.

Angry Birds is one of the most popular mobile games. This seems to be a first day purchase for those who have Apple products that support this game. Angry Birds appeals to almost everyone. It’s got the charm, the humor and the simplicity. But, all of those qualities are radically useless if you can’t stay in the game. For the PSP version, things become enraging when the framerates start to drop.

Angry Birds is a slingshot game. A brief summary of the story behind it: the pigs stole the birds’ eggs, so war ensues. You launch birds to destroy pigs garrisoned in intricate structures made out of concrete, wood, glass, etc. It’s really difficult to compare the different versions, since I didn’t have the chance to play Angry Birds on the iPhone. But, I have to assume that the touchscreen controls are excellent, based on the game’s immense following. The first thing people will ask of the Minis port: how do the controls fare? They are adequate but not the best.


The analog nub works “okay.” You manipulate the stretching of the launcher with it. Letting the nub go launches the bird, or you can press X as an alternative. However, I go full stretch most of the time. It gets pretty awkward to not stretch all the way, especially when things become so laggy.

The more birds, pigs and structures there are, the more lag there is. The first few levels have minor hiccups. But, later in the game, the lag is a game breaker. Aside from its choppiness, the game also features freezes and crashes. This infuriates me a lot since part of the game is about hitting the weak spot of the structures to leave them in shambles. Aside from skill, luck is needed. There is no chance to be lucky if you can’t aim right!

Content-wise, the levels are well conceived. There are five kinds of birds to launch, from the normal ones (which do absolutely nothing special) to birds that lay bombs. Each of them has a certain personality. The pigs also have their personalities. And how I love the way they smile if you run out of ammo birds.

In each level, you are given a certain number of birds to launch. The fewer your shots, the higher your score, as the game awards extra points for spare birds. The game then rates you with stars (out of 3) in each level you complete. You can always replay the level or actually reset it if you got screwed.

There are lots of levels, but I doubt you can finish them all in its current state. Some levels are difficult to complete; add in the framerate issues, and you won’t be seeing anything other than this game for a long while after purchase. I spent hours on this game due to technical defects, mostly. Some levels are just difficult to complete, and I do aim for 3-star ratings all the time.


The content of this game is vast. There are certain “golden eggs” AKA bonus levels when you achieve something like…ability to withstand its technical issues (joking). The gameplay is simple and enjoyable. The 2D graphics are excellent, and the music is not intrusive and blends well with the atmosphere. However, no game is worth anything if it’s broken. But, all hope is not lost; Rovio/Chillingo can always make us a patch.


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42 Responses to “Angry Birds Review—Enraging”
  1. RedNRG says:

    This is the best mini for PSP ! ! !

  2. Alex says:

    How can you rate this game a 5.5 when ign who is more particular rated it a 7.5.Angry birds is an fun game why a 5.5?I’m thinking about getting it , should I?

  3. HiddenAway says:


    The conversion to PSP hasn’t been kind. There is lag and slowdown and even game crashes at times. Some levels fare better than others but the more complex things get, the worse the problems become. Apparently, the problem isn’t so bad in the European version and I have made it to chapter 3 (there is a new type of bird hidden there but as it relies on timing, you’ll be cursing the slowdown even more!) but it’s still very laggy.

    That said, I was completely hooked on the game and that’s probably why it’s so popular. Final verdict: If you have nothing to lose, it’s worth it but you may want to wait and see what happens update wise. Have a look at another mini for now if you don’t desperately want this.

    Oh, and it’s Abstraction Games that are handling the PSP port. I did tweet them and they have said they are very aware of the issues and are looking to the publisher regarding further steps…!/AbstractionGame/status/25336181868724224

  4. scorch62 says:

    As it stands, I think the rating is pretty fair. The lag does make it pretty frustrating in the later levels when there are multiple birds and materials guarding the pigs. I’m waiting on a patch to fix the lag so I can finish the game. I’ve only gotten to part 3-6 (3rd set of levels, part 6) of the first “phase” of levels (titled “Poached Eggs”, there are 4 “phases”)

    I myself got pretty lucky to even make it this far.3-6 is pretty hard, the lag doesn’t impact it much as you only have 3 birds and a couple pigs with few rocks in the way but I just haven’t found the trick to that level.

    Until a patch comes out, I’d give it about a 6 as well. I haven’t seen all the levels or unlocked all the bonuses so I’d like to think it does get better. I’d definitely wait for a patch if you’re thinking of picking it up.

  5. alex says:

    Thanks for the advise.I’ll wait for a patch

  6. FriedConsole says:

    I still love this game despite it being buggy. I think the possibility of a patch is really remote. I find the framerate slow down to be part of the challenge. You have to time it ahead of time to account for the choppyness. Of course I rather have it fixed. I have only had it crash when I put it in PSP Standby mode. DON”T USE STANDBY MODE IN THIS GAME!

    Seems to work well on the PS3. I didn’t get to the later levels that the PSP has problems with on PS3 but the control is better with the stick and I didn’t notice any choppyness. Maybe this mini was created as a cheap way to get on PS3?

  7. Shazbots says:

    People dont wait for a patch, this game will never be patch.

  8. Djax says:

    EU has version 1.02, US too?

  9. James says:

    I somewhat agree, I am pretty far and the lag does indeed, blow. However i still play the heck out of it, so I still think its a very fun game. The sounds the birds make alone is worth the price of admission. Most of my friends have the Iphone one, and I actually prefer the psp controls, they are more forgiving in my opinion. I would give this game a high 7 or an 8, it is easily one of the most fun minis!

  10. JeremyR says:

    The US version doesn’t have the patch – remember, it was delayed in the EU to address some issues. Maybe the US will eventually get the patched version, but….

  11. Ofaliss says:

    I’m sorry, but this game deserves a 5.5/10 even when it’s working perfectly. I downloaded this on the Android for free, and minutes later I wanted someone to give me some money for trying the crap!

    It’s overrated, and it requires little to no skill, mostly luck. To top it all off, after playing it for 5 minutes, I decided I would have more fun reading Moby Dick.

    For the love of God Sony, figure out a way to just say, “No”, to bandwagon crap.

    No offense. :D

  12. pspgamer01 says:

    ofaliss do you realise how popular this game is?

    “For the love of God Sony, figure out a way to just say, “No”, to bandwagon crap.”

    Well that’s something you can not say even if it’s your opinion. it sell good people rate it high so there isn’t a problem if it’s patched.

  13. pspgamer01 says:

    @ ofaliss
    just checked it and it has 4.64/5 from 552 votes. Compare that to other minis dude.

  14. volcane says:

    This is a great game. marred only by the choppiness. If you’ve enjoyed Angry Birds on another platform then you’ll be willing to struggle through the lagginess in this version. If you haven’t played the game before elsewhere then this version may not convince you to try it due to the lagginess.

  15. Iggy says:

    Ofaliss, I totally agree with you.
    Looks like they have really bad job porting this game. It was designed for iPad/Phone and should have stayed here.
    Of course it sold, because it’s a popular franchise now.
    But let’s be realistic:
    1) in terms of gameplay it sucks
    2) in terms of production quality it sucks too

  16. mikkemans says:

    i got this one and i rate it a 7.0
    it lags indeed

  17. fpoitr says:

    I actually enjoy this game and find it to be a lot of fun. I’m only on 1-12 and it’s glitchy and laggy. I hope they update this game!

  18. djax says:

    Again, EU has version 1.02, US too?

  19. Takao says:

    Mine actually says 1.03 but it still suffers from extreme slowdown at times. As well as the sleep mode crashing bug.

    Just remember:

    This port had 3 people working on quality assurance. Were they just testing the menus?

  20. Ofaliss says:

    @ pspgamer01

    Popularity, proves nothing in terms of quality my friend. Do you know how popular Jersey Shore is?! No one in their right mind can tell me that show isn’t hot donkey shit! You ever hear of Justin Bieber, no one who has gone through puberty can tell me his music doesn’t suck alot of ass!

    To me Angry Birds is boring, requires no skill, is overrated, and is being promoted by mainly sheep. This game has a rating on Media Go comparable to titles like Young Thor and Freekscape, BS my friend. Those birds don’t deserve to be Thor’s meal! Those pigs, don’t deserve to have Freek’s trident shoved in their a**es!

    Again, no offense, but as you said, it’s just my opinion.

  21. wolverinenzy says:

    This is a poor port at best. The PSP is a gaming platform, capable of running much more complex games than Angry Birds, and the conversion from the mobile phone platform is very poor. I have the Android version, running on a HTC Desire HD, which has exactly the same screen size as the PSP, and the graphics are sharp, things run smoothly and there is no lag, except when the phone is doing 100 other things.
    The PSP version has ‘muddy’ graphics, the edges of the sprites are choppy, there is lag on the most basic of levels, and the game freezes and crashes all of the time. Being that it is sold for £2.49 when it is a freebie on Android and 1/3 of that on the Apple platforms, this is a pretty big disappointment and a rip-off as well.
    If you like Angry Birds, stick to the mobile platform versions until they revamp this release or patch it, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for either of these scenario’s. Pretty slack and arrogant of Rovio and Coolingo to let something as sloppy as this hit the market, it really does hurt their brand – though they probably have made so much money from the franchise that they don’t care too much anyways.

  22. pspgamer01 says:

    Yeah but you say that sony shouldn’t have put it on the psn store. Why shouldn’t they do that? It sells a lot.

    anyways you listen to justin bieber?

  23. Ofaliss says:

    Me saying Sony should just say no to bandwagon crap, was basically an extension of my dislike for the game. Every game has it’s place, and everyone has the right to them.

    As far as Justin Bieber, no I don’t listen to him, I heard two songs from him, and disliked them both.

  24. djax says:

    @wolverinenzy But Desire HD has 1 GHz CPU and PSP only 300 MHz… I have Android version of Angry Birds on my Android device too (GSmart G1305 with 600 MHz CPU) and it lags more than on my PSP, so I much more like play this game on PSP. I do not see any major lags or extreme slowdown, only at some levels game slows when I destroy complex scene… I have PSP 3004.

    The Angry Birds sleep mode bug I have too, I turn off game, before I turn off my PSP.

  25. Sarah says:

    The PSP version of Angry Birds is disgustingly bad.
    It is broken, buggy and suffers inexcusable lag and frame rate problems that make it a 3rd rate affront to Sony customers who also get charged the most!
    The developer should feel utterly ashamed of this rushed, badly ported-over cash in job.
    I will always watch out for anything ABSTRACTION GAMES touches in the future and will AVOID it like the PLAGUE.
    If you cant port over a Mobile Phone game to the PSP/PS3 without game breaking problems then you should probably give up game development.

  26. alex says:

    what is everyone talking about?the game works just fine I just bought it today and everything is smooth and accurate .the game runs just as well as the ipods version. its a fun game!!!!!

  27. djax says:

    Level 1-21 too?

  28. lucidamea says:

    i’d love to play it, those birds are awesome!

  29. FolkoRoco says:

    I read that

    “For some reason though, the latest PSP firmware actually fixed a few of the problems and it became just about as stable as it could get after that :p.”

    Is this true, can you shead some light on this?

  30. Kenno5 says:

    I have the latest firmware and the game still plays like crap.

    Don’t buy games from Abstraction Software. They don’t care.

  31. rocka says:

    “But, all hope is not lost; Rovio/Chillingo can always make us a patch.”

    Not “can”, they should!
    It’s one of the most expensive versions of the game (3€) and it’s so damn lagging!
    It wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t so damn game breaking!

    Fix this already Rovio/Chillingo! I paid to play your game, so make it playable!

  32. Nick says:

    The only way to stop the lag is to change the clock speed with cfw

  33. OBakeman says:

    Repeating others but… eww. Waste of money. The fact that something of this poor quality can be allowed is disgusting.

  34. sniper712 says:

    we’re never getting a patch for this one… that’s one lousy developer down the drain…..never buy their games again unless they prove to us it’s nothing lagging like this. ;(

  35. sniper712 says:

    this game is also no longer on PSN as of right now I believe.. maybe they’re ashamed of this lousy IPhone port crashing game..

  36. cOolZkidZ says:

    this game deserves much more than 5.5
    so what i understand is th just cuz it lags you drop it from a lets say… 9 to a 5.5!?????
    ive got this and its great duznt lag only on levels with loads stuff in it but not that much
    i r8 it 9.3

  37. sniper712 says:

    someone obviously never played the older version. lucky bastard…

  38. Hurts says:

    Great game almost no lag. just finished every level with three stars!

  39. unknown says:

    which folder on psp do we put the mini to….

  40. min says:

    i agree with the score. this game has its ups and downs. I was stuck on either this on N.O.V.A as a iphone to psp game and i chose NOVA. i just felt like there was more to NOVA than this and i am glad by my decision.

  41. jiper says:

    Its a great game mine dosent suffer ay lags, i have unlocked and finished everything so everyone cool off. SHEESH!

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