Spot the Differences! to be A Mini

spot-the-differences-3Bangkok-based publishers Sanuk Games has just announced that their iPhone app Spot the Differences! will be released as a PSP mini on November 5th. According to Sanuk, Spot the Differences! has 240 scenes, four difficulty levels and 4800 differences to spot.

There are three game modes featured in total: Arcade, Select Pictures and Time Attack.  In Arcade mode, images appear randomly and you must spot five differences in each picture; in Select Pictures mode, you get to choose which picture you play with; In Time Attack mode, you only have to spot one difference in each picture, with the object being to get through as many pictures as possible within the time limit. The themes depicted in the 240 scenes include travel, gastronomy, sports, pets and wildlife. This is the first differences game to appear as a mini, so it’ll be interesting to see how well-suited it is to the PSP.

One really encouraging aspect about this announcement from Sanuk Games is that it shows that more publishers are starting to take minis into consideration when publicising their products. Also, Sanuk is releasing Spot the Differences! as a mini just a couple of weeks after the iPhone app, so we can probably expect this to happen with many more iPhone apps in the future.

To learn more about the game, check out the official website at:

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