Fieldrunners Storms into the PlayStation Network’s Top 10

fieldrunners-1In what must surely be a very encouraging development for the whole minis programme, Fieldrunners has entered the PlayStation Network’s Top 10. The game’s understandably delighted developer, Subatomic Studios, has just issued the following statement in response to the news, outlining exactly why the Fieldrunners mini is proving to be so popular:

“The PSP version of Fieldrunners includes lots of new content, from new maps and towers to new fieldrunners! Also exclusive to the PSP version is our themed music and enhanced graphics. We have painstakingly reworked many of the visual effects to make your experience all the more satisfying as you thrash your enemies. The controls on the PSP and PSPgo were carefully crafted for maximum control. Players should be able to ‘pick-up-and-play’ the game with more fine-tuned precision than ever before.”

Fieldrunners was the first mini we reviewed on the site on launch day, and you can check out the 8.5 review here.

Hopefully this is just the start with many more minis entering the PSN Top 10 in the future.

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4 Responses to “Fieldrunners Storms into the PlayStation Network’s Top 10”
  1. Count says:

    Of course this game will be on the top 10. It’s awesome and fun.
    Now we know PSP minis are also loved in a different way :s

  2. JeremyR says:

    Is that in Europe? On the US store at least, the only mini in the PSP top ten, much less PSN, is Tetris (@ #4)

  3. LittleRock says:

    Just got this game. It’s so much fun. Congrats Fieldrunners!!!
    I could have bought this for the iPhone, but I’m glad I got the mini version.
    You end up covering up so much of the screen with your thumbs when you play games on your iPhone.

  4. DIGITARFR3K says:

    I might get this

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