First Impressions – Red Bull X Fighters

red-bull-x-fighters-1Your very first impression when you load up this game is just simply, ‘wow’, after you pick your jaw off the floor. After several sedate puzzle games and last week’s frankly quite disappointing Yeti Sports, the thumping rock music and stunning menu screen stunt demo display that launches Red Bull X – Fighters is like a breath of fresh (or should that be dirty?!) air.

What we appear to have here is a simply stunning, full-on extreme sports game that looks like it should be on a full-sized console. It’s the sort of game that you really feel like flashing around on your PSP in public because you know that if people catch sight of it they’ll be blown away by what an amazing little hand-held you have to be able to pack so much punch.

The Red Bull X-Fighters is a freestyle motocross stunt series in real life, where, like skateboarders and snowboarders, the riders launch themselves off ramps and try to get as much big air as they can to perform spectacularly dangerous tricks.

red-bull-x-fighters-2The game works very much like a Tony Hawks style skateboarding game, where you have to learn and execute tricks in order to unlock new locations. If you love that type of extreme sports game, you’ll love this.

What strikes you most apart from how much fun it is to play, is the depth of gameplay involved. The basics are fairly easy to pick up, but you can be sure you’ll be eating a lot of dirt as you learn to master all the tricks.

There are also loads of Achievements to unlock (even if you’re rubbish you get medals for crashing too many times!), and fans to impress and win over so that you get new gear from sponsors. Looking awesome so far!

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2 Responses to “First Impressions – Red Bull X Fighters”
  1. Gareth says:

    When’s the review coming for this, guys? The game’s out on PSN.

  2. David Black says:

    Hoping for a full review of this title soon. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will launch on the US store this week.

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