3,2,1…SuperCrash! Review- Super Fun!


StormBASIC’s latest Mini, 3,2,1…SuperCrash!, is a quirky-looking game. Its 3D graphics may not be the best out there, but, visually, it certainly reminded me of Beach Buzzin’ Chopper. Or it just reminded me of that game because the character you control is mostly half-naked with toned muscles bulging out.

The game is played much like PepsiMan for the old PS1. Your character is on an unstoppable “rail,” traversing levels on a unicycle while dodging mud puddles, jumping over rocks and concrete ledges, collecting stars, and doing poses to get through holes in the walls. And you’re not laughing?

Basically, the game is about striking poses to get through holes in walls. The only body parts that need to be positioned are the arms. The control scheme is very neat: Square and the left shoulder button are utilized to change the position of the left arm, Circle and the right shoulder button for the right arm, Triangle for jumping, and to make life easier, pressing X will put both arms automatically in the “center” position.


There are lots of additional challenges other than making it through walls, which, by the way, has a great design wherein the character need not be perfectly positioned to get through a hole; the character “slides” to the hole as long as he is near enough. Additional hurdles in the game include . . . hurdles. Boulders and concrete hurdles are peppered across levels. There are also other characters who bounce around that make the game challenging (the bouncing smileys are the most annoying ones because they are smiling). There are points for everything significant you do: catching stars, successful wall penetration and jumping over things, as long as you don’t bump into a wall or a snowman.


I just don’t get the point of a “Checkpoint” in this game, though. There are so-called checkpoints in every stage, but I believe they are simply progress markers. You basically don’t respawn to the checkpoint. Once you fail, Game Over. Still, I do agree with the game design not giving “lives”; if you fail, go back to the beginning and try again.

And you will fail, because the game is challenging. It may look like a game which doesn’t take itself seriously, but it is challenging. The levels are randomly generated, so every try is a brand new experience. The randomness can result in some issues with inconsistent difficulty, though. There are times that the levels are ridiculously easy or surprisingly hard. Levels may be difficult at times, but it’s pretty manageable overall.

There are two modes, the Tour and Endless. The Tour is like a regular campaign: finish the first level, and you will unlock the next, and so on and so forth. The Endless mode is much like the survival mode in other games. In Endless, you have to survive a chosen challenge, like dodging enemies. The Endless mode may sound boring at first, and play similarly, but once you unlock all of the challenges, you’ll be surprised at how well they play.

In contrast, the soundtrack is very forgettable. I don’t know why, but by default, the sound is at 25%, and the music is muted. That’s why I thought the game had no soundtrack at all on my first run.

Sound oddities aside, 3,2,1…SuperCrash! is a good game; it’s funny and ridiculous, and the levels are designed pretty well. However, I do hate chasing high scores, and the game doesn’t provide any sort of medals when you’ve done something. Thus, the game grows stale when you are playing it for an extended time, if you’re playing for achievement’s sake. If you play for diversion’s sake, though, the levels’ randomness really helps boost replay value off the charts.


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6 Responses to “3,2,1…SuperCrash! Review- Super Fun!”
  1. djax says:

    Only 8? I will probably not buy it.

  2. Shazbots says:

    I bought it when it came out. Is really fun and the character is funny looking. Gameplay wise is worth buying.

  3. volcane says:

    I too bought this when it came out. I agree completely with the review above. The game is funny and perfect as a short diversion.

  4. Navigator says:

    I’ve got it!!! i’ts very funny…

  5. djratchet says:

    djax. haha. did you even read the review? FYI, 8 is pretty damn good if you didn’t know.

  6. Michael G says:

    Is this StormBasic’s take on the “automatic running” genre? It looks interesting. May download it if I could ever stop playing Karimogi!!

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