Upcoming– Twin Blades

Twin Blades Minis 1

Zombie-slaying? Manga-style? Yes, it is. Previously available on Xbox Live and as a mobile/iPhone app, Twin Blades will grace the PSP and PS3 soon. Twin Blades features 10 locations, 6 weapons and 11 skills to purchase and upgrade. Below is the game’s description:

Help Sister Angelika defeat evil with some heavy zombie-killing action! Venture across multiple locations to purge the town of all its living-dead inhabitants. Refill your energy by slicing zombies with your mighty scythe, then unleash the destructive powers of your artillery!

Set in a medieval fantasy world where walking corpses, limbs torn apart and splatters of blood are all drawn in a superb manga style, TWIN BLADES has all it takes to please hardcore gamers seeking strong visual experiences. Its eclectic inspirations ranging from Japanese anime subculture to Italian adult movies are the hallmark of men of good taste.

Twin Blades Minis 2

Twin Blades Minis 3

Twin Blades Minis 4

Twin Blades Minis 5

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11 Responses to “Upcoming– Twin Blades”
  1. Prime says:

    Looks totally rad! Great art style and the kind of game I’ve been wanting for PSP.

  2. Shazbots says:

    Now this game belongs on the PSP. The GFX remind me of the anime call Blood+. Cant wait to play it. When will it be released? Next year?

  3. onmode-ky says:

    All the blood may be reminiscent of Blood+, but the main character reminds me a lot more of that armed nun main character in Chrono Crusade, except wearing red here instead of blue. And, of course, this game’s graphics are designed more to be comical and storybook-like, as opposed to Blood+’s slickness and stylishly cool aesthetic. There’s also a faint feeling of Trinity Blood in there, with the vampires vs. church thing (and giant scythes).

    Incidentally, I have both R1 DVD box sets of Blood+, and I got one of them signed by the series producer a few months ago. I also have both soundtrack CDs, but they’re not signed by anyone (though one of them is a first edition).

  4. confuletlyf says:

    bragger =P
    the map looks like it only has 9 levels…

  5. Ofaliss says:

    @ confuletlyf
    The picture of her face, is a place on the map. It shows her current location.

    I tried watching Blood+, but I couldn’t get into it. I do however love and own the complete series of Trinity Blood.

  6. volcane says:

    “Its eclectic inspirations ranging from Japanese anime subculture to Italian adult movies are the hallmark of men of good taste.”

    LMAO – that sounds so awesome! :-)

  7. Robert says:

    Looks fantastic……….can’t wait!!!

  8. PSPeeper says:

    I played this on the Xbox 360 (via the Indie Games section). It’s a simple, fun game that’s easy on the eyes. It’s a great fit for the PSP.

  9. thumbbandit says:

    Me likee!… me wantee! ;)

  10. evanac says:

    I played this on XBL Indie and was totally bored before the timed trial even ended.

    Maybe just my taste, but that’s not a good sign IMO, and I download a lot of Indie games…

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