Boom Beats Review — Pleasurable


Warning: Gamelion’s Boom Beats can make a person bipolar. You may be blissfully enchanted one minute, and the next thing you know, you are throwing your PSP out your window.

Boom Beats is a rhythm game which is very similar to Dance Dance Revolution. Of course, you won’t be stomping on your PSP (but you will have thoughts of it) to play this game. You are only pressing four buttons to the rhythm of the music. Boom Beats does a good job implementing a control scheme; instead of using the four directional buttons, only the left and the up buttons are used, and the other two buttons are O and Triangle. Seems like a simple game design, but to think of it, it’s actually almost genius.

The comfort level of playing the game with such control placement is magnificent. It is hard to blame the controls for any mistake you are making. Timing is essential for this game. Button icons move upwards toward a thin line at the top of the screen. As soon as the icons touch the line, you must press the corresponding buttons. Missing them outright hurts your “Energy Bar.” This bar serves as a health bar.

The Energy Bar is equally divided in two. Missing the timing makes the red half of the bar fill out to the left, while good or perfect timing keeps the green half filling to the right; i.e., once the green bar disappears, the other half of the bar starts to fill with red. If the red bar fill its side completely, Game Over! There is also the Boom Bar, a bar that keeps on filling as you approach 25 perfect rhythms. Once filled out, you have an option to activate the Boom Effect by pressing X. During the Boom Effect, the line thickens, making it almost impossible to miss out buttons. The scoring system is divided in two, the “score” and the “percentage.”

The score is the accumulated number of points per level. Perfect timing nets good score, while late and early presses acquire lower points. Chaining the multiplier helps the score a lot, too. You must, however, miss nothing in order to add to your multiplier. Missing even one during a chain will reset the multiplier back to x1.  The percentage is based on the number of successful presses versus the totally missed-out buttons.

One important factor for a game like this is the music. Some of the tunes are really good, and some are mediocre but still passable. Surprisingly, the music is just one component of this rhythmic game. The visual flair in this game makes your gaming experience subliminal. Once you are hitting the right notes and banging your head with the music, your PSP screen emits wonderful neon lights and explosions. The game is basically all about chasing high scores and improving accuracy percentages. However, I find myself playing the game just to experience psychedelic effects!


There are 14 tunes to choose from, level-locked at first. There are three difficulty settings: easy, medium, hard. Playing in easy mode unlocks the next level, but only its easy mode. Playing the medium will unlock the medium difficulty of the next level and the hard setting of the current level. You might ask, why do that? The difference between easy and medium is a LOT. I spent hours in completing two levels in medium difficulty! It’s frustrating, but it’s doable. I just get overwhelmed by faster scrolling of the button icons.


The repetitive nature of this game is countered by great music, powerful graphics and challenging gameplay. This is a game that you can pop out while waiting for someone or riding a bus or train and still make that span of time well-wasted. Hopefully the developers will update the game with additional tracks, because this game is so addictive, it’s almost a drug.

8/10 (Headphones recommended)

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17 Responses to “Boom Beats Review — Pleasurable”
  1. Solo the Hutt says:

    the four button control scheme is similar to Rock Band unplugged.

    how does this game compare with Vibes tho’?

  2. onmode-ky says:

    Rock Band Unplugged also uses the up/left/O/Triangle button setup.

    How is the game’s difficulty compared to other rhythm games?

  3. Solo the Hutt says:

    lol! we wrote almost similar comments

  4. Balrog says:

    @Solo the Hutt
    They are the same comments just worded diffrently :)

    Whats the price of this in EU?

  5. The game costs in Europe 2,99 EUR / 2,49 GBP.

    It’ll be released this year still in US for 3,99 USD.

  6. Ofaliss says:

    Yes! Thanks for the news Sebastian Gamelion, great price and I don’t have to wait too long for the US release!

  7. thumbbandit says:

    I entered the comp… and if I don’t win I’ll still pick this little gem up. ;)

  8. fatomy says:


  9. Keeno says:

    On the difficulty topic, I play a lot of these rhythm action games. I’ve finished Rock Band Unplugged and Vibes on the hardest difficulty. I found this harder! I think it’s mostly due to the perspective, I just can’t get used to the notes moving upwards! Easy and Medium modes were pretty straightforward, but Hard really is hard as you don’t need to miss many buttons at all to fail. Combine that with the perspective being reversed and it’s quite a challenging game.

  10. zeroichigo says:

    DX Max is the best. 4, 5, 6, and 8 button modes. this 4 button has nothing on DJ Max!

  11. Mik says:

    i bought this game 2 days after its release in EU.
    believe it or not but i played it for at least 30 hours and i’m now at 40-50 hours.
    i still play it cause its one of the best minis in the world.
    i played all the easy tracks and cleared them all on 95% or higher.
    the medium tracks are a bit harder but i made them all
    after all those hours of boom beating i completed 3 hard tracks and i’m still practising…

    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! :-D :-D:-D:-D

  12. fuzetsu490 says:

    I completely agree with zeroichigo on the subject of DJ Max, but still great game, like Keeno said after playing other rhythm games its hard to become accustomed to the note moving upwards instead of downwards.

  13. awesomeness says:

    Does this game compare well to vibes? im gonna get one and i just wanna know which is better. THX

  14. volcane says:


    I have (and like) both games. I think the gameplay in Vibes is a little more tightly integrated with the music tracks, but Boom Beats does a great job and has slightly more of a “Guitar Hero” feel to it.

    I think you’d highly enjoy either game my friend! :-)

  15. awesomeness says:

    Thank you so much volcan I highly appreciate your advice and thanks to you I now have (and greatly enjoy) vibes!!

  16. volcane says:


    You are most welcome! Glad you like it! ;-)

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