First Impressions – Yeti Sports: Pingu Throw

yeti-sportsThe first thing that strikes you about Yeti Sports is the beautifully crisp, bright graphics. The main playing field is a snowy winter wonderland that really looks the part. The gameplay appears to consist entirely of hitting Pingu the Penguin with a bat and then controlling him so that he soars as far as possible, picking up fish along the way. The trick is in timing Pingu’s launch exactly right, and when you hit that particular sweet spot, he squeals “Yippee!!” or something else equally cute to let you know he’s pleased.

Control then switches from the bat-wielding Yeti to Pingu as he flies through the air, and you must then carefully guide him using the left and right d-pad buttons, the R and L buttons, or the analogue stick. You have to tilt and angle his body just right so that he can ride air pockets and glide further, but you also need to be watching for fish to collect on the ground.

There are two different game modes, Classic Play and Level Play. In Classic Play you just have to get Pingu to glide as far as possible, trying to beat the furthest distances on the leaderboard. In Level Play the gameplay is exactly the same as for Classic Play, but in order to unlock more levels and progress you must collect a certain number of fish and glide a specific distance.

The gameplay is strangely satisfying and a lot of fun. It’ll be interesting, though to see after further play and unlocking more levels if there’s anything else to it, otherwise basic Penguin-whacking might get a bit monotonous hour after hour.

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6 Responses to “First Impressions – Yeti Sports: Pingu Throw”
  1. Cheers for the impressions, sounds like it has a fair bit more to offer than the Flash version. Considering it’s only $5AUD, I’ll probably check this out tonight.

  2. Richie S says:

    Sweet mother of all that is awesome!!! if this is a copy of the flash game then I am SOLD. Keep your GTA and Fifa this is the best game ever. (bit of an overstatement but hey its a very fun game)

  3. Gavin says:

    Ahhh, a flash game. I thought I’d seen it somewhere before. For £2.49 I’m tempted. I shall wait for the review though.

  4. HyperTails says:

    Looks like it could be a lot of fun, but at the same time it could be that once you get bored you never touch it again.

  5. aliberk says:

    very good

  6. aliberk says:


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