Future Fight – A Futuristic Experience, or Stuck in the Past?


With very few turn-based strategy games in the Minis collection, Bloober Team is hoping to leave their mark in the genre with Future Fight. The object of the game is to destroy your opposition’s fleet while losing as few of your own ships as possible. Each battle is played out on a small 4 x 6 battlefield, where you take turns performing different actions for each of your ships until one of the two fleets is obliterated.


When starting the game, you are given the choice of three game modes to play: Quick Battle, which launches you straight into combat; Operations, which is your career mode where you advance through ten different challenges, each containing multiple missions; and, finally, Multiplayer, where you can challenge a friend on the same PSP system.

In Operations mode, you will be given a choice of multiple challenges to pick from, where each one contains a set amount of missions to complete. Once you have chosen a challenge, you will have a choice to either repair or upgrade your fleet should you have adequate funds, after which you can go into combat. The battles require you to take charge of a number of ships, taking on mercenaries in order to take over gold mines, repair shops, or other territories. Occasionally, after combat, you have the opportunity to hire a mercenary to join your fleet. The more money you offer the mercenary, the more likely he will join your team. This can become very handy as you progress further through the game, as the missions get a lot harder. It would have been nice to also be able to purchase more ships between battles, as you occasionally find you need a few extra ships in combat.

The battlefield is nicely animated but unfortunately can seem rather cluttered at times, as each battleground is only 4 x 6. With the onscreen HUD and ships, it all just looks a mess.


The main problem of Future Fight is the lack of explanation of what is going on, and even with the tactical guide, you are still left a little confused with what is happening in the game. For example, in Operations mode, you are thrown into and out of combat without any real explanation of the relationships between battles.

Multiplayer mode was a nice idea, although the biggest problem with it is the fact that you are unable to choose which ships or how many you each want to use. Instead you are just thrust straight into combat.

Future Fight’s gameplay isn’t bad, but its lack of story mode or any real explanation of what is going on in the game just makes it feel a little unfinished and thrown together. If a little more time had been spent on the game, or had a more in-depth tutorial been included, or even a story, the game would feel a little more complete.

Overall 5.5 / 10

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4 Responses to “Future Fight – A Futuristic Experience, or Stuck in the Past?”
  1. Balrog says:

    When did this game come out? What area is it available in?

  2. JeremyR says:

    Came out last week in the EU, should be out soon in NA (it’s been rated by the ESRB for a couple months).

    I didn’t like it too much either, the combat was too close for any sort of deep tactics, I thought.

  3. onmode-ky says:

    A few sentences originally left out due to edit concurrency conflict have been added.

  4. thumbbandit says:

    I was really looking forward to this game… glad I waited for the review. :(

    Is there no E-manuel for the game.

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