Sub Atomic surfacing on Minis?


Playerthree finally released their first Mini, Apache Overkill, a year after it was first announced. But they also recently announced another PSP title (presumably a Mini) entitled Sub Atomic. Although they say to expect it “soon”, they also say it “hasn’t even sniffed at QA yet.”

No details on just what sort of game it is, though judging by the gameplay shown in the second screen, it very well could be a side scrolling shooter. Still, it should be noted that you are being shot at, not shooting. So maybe it’s a game where you dodge torpedoes? Hopefully it won’t be a year before we find out.


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5 Responses to “Sub Atomic surfacing on Minis?”
  1. pspgamer01 says:

    nice reminds me of something where I don’t remember the title of.

  2. volcane says:

    Reminds me a little of Hunt for Red October.

  3. Christopher D. says:

    Hey, look thats the yellow submarine from the Beatles lol. Hopefully the game will be fun.

  4. lurker says:

    Looks like the old arcade game In the Hunt (also released on Saturn and PSOne).

  5. thumbbandit says:

    Looks like Apache Overkill, exept underwater of course, I liked Apache Overkill… but I don’t want the same game (with a new lick of paint) again… and again. ;)

    Are the minis doomed to be either puzzlers or shooters?

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