Interview: Icon Games Talks About Their Upcoming Arcade Minis

icon-logoEveryone is chomping at the bit to get some multiplayer action from PSP minis. ICON Games is bringing out the first titles with confirmed multiplayer of any kind. Of course it’s ‘Hot Seat’ Multiplayer and will see you passing the PSP back and forth as you play darts and even bowling. We managed to track down Head of development at ICON Games Richard Hill-Whittall.

This is our first time interviewing you here at, could you tell our readers a little bit about Icon Games and what your role is there?

RH-W: We are a fairly small developer/digital publisher. In the past we have developed titles for retail – working with publishers, but are now moving into self-publishing our games for the foreseeable future. My role is head of the studio; overseeing the development of all the titles we are working on. I am also very hands-on with the art and design, which is great. A nice combination of roles that keeps me busy and very happy.

I noticed two of the PSP Minis you’re working on will also be coming out on the iPhone and WiiWare. Will they be the same across all three systems?

RH-W: There will be differences – mainly to the control systems and feel; tailored for each of the formats.

g_poolHow is it making those games for the three different platforms at the same time?

RH-W: Oddly enough everything starts out on PC, and after a certain point we start to take it over onto the target platforms. I’d say 75% of the development is PC based.

Arcade Air Hockey & Bowling along with Arcade Pool & Snooker will only be PSP Minis. Did you pick to make them only on the PSP for any reason?

RH-W: No specific reason really; we just liked the idea of ‘double packs’ for the games – with two complimenting games released together. Case in point; Pool & Snooker – many developers split them into two separate products, but we prefer to have both games together to provide better value and more content.

Both of them support 2 player ‘Hotseat’ play. Multiplayer seems like a natural fit, was this your way of getting around Sony not wanting multiplayer in order to speed up the approval process?

RH-W: We really designed them like that from the off. I prefer the idea of only needing one copy of the game & one machine for multiplayer – and as these games are primarily turn based in ‘real-life’ (as is Arcade Darts) it made more sense to go the ‘Hotseat’ route.

g_bowlingIt turns out size does matter to a lot of gamers out there. How close to 100MB will you be getting and do you have any solid release dates for your games?

RH-W: We are aiming for Q4 this year. How close we are to 100MB is a little unknown at this time, although bear in mind the WiiWare limit is 40MB, so to us 100MB seems pretty big!

Thank you for taking time to talk with us about your games. I am looking forward to trying them out once they hit the store.

RH-W: My pleasure – take care guys.

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2 Responses to “Interview: Icon Games Talks About Their Upcoming Arcade Minis”
  1. Count says:

    Wow, wii ware only allows 40mb!? That’s small!
    I’m glad about this interview. Can’t wait to see their games.

  2. Stew2000 says:

    Sounds great.
    I found there website. maybe you should add it to the post and a links page.

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