Laughing Jackal announces PS3 exclusive, Cubixx HD

cubixx-1This might not seem like important Minis news but I believe it is noteworthy enough to talk about. At the very least, Laughing Jackal is also celebrating the best way possible: giving people free Minis!

That’s right! If you don’t already have a copy of Cubixx, you can enter a competition to get it; if you have a Twitter or Facebook account, you’ve got nothing to lose and a pretty nice game to gain!

Anyway, as they describe, Laughing Jackal are developing a PSN exclusive for the PS3 based on Cubixx.  Having played the Mini version myself, I can confirm that this is a fantastic idea, especially since it is one of the most eye-pleasing Minis I’ve played!

I believe that Cubixx HD is actually the first Mini to be remastered in such a way, which really begs the question: what other Minis do you think would be perfect for a PS3 HD sequel/remake? (I know it’s more of a thing for the forum, to ask questions, but this one is interesting enough that I’ll just ask it here)

As a proud PS3 owner and Minis fan, I really hope that HD remakes become a trend in the Minis universe.  I can think of a number of Minis I wouldn’t mind repurchasing if they used the full advantages of PS3  technology.

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10 Responses to “Laughing Jackal announces PS3 exclusive, Cubixx HD”
  1. Balrog says:

    So this is a PSN release? If so will it have trophies?

  2. Balrog says:

    Never mind about my rather stupid questions just saw the link to the Laughing Jackel site. I for one will Definitely be getting this. :)

  3. onmode-ky says:

    Carson, proofread. . . .

  4. Carson says:

    LOL, sorry onmode-ky. I feel really stupid now. How did you know I wasn’t just being overly dramatic when I was repeating “actually”, anyway? :D

  5. volcane says:

    Great news and a great competition!

    I think Young Thor HD and Freekscape HD would make awesome PS3 games! :-)

  6. onmode-ky says:

    Am I missing something? The Laughing Jackal blog post says of the Twitter contest that you need to retweet their tweet that has “#CubixxComp” in it. However, their tweet history has no such tweet in it at all.

    I second Freekscape for an HD remake. Its Vicious Engine graphics already look pretty good on the PSP; I think a higher resolution and more detailed CG models would really make the designs shine. Of the other Minis I have, I don’t think an HD version would make much difference (unless Ace Armstrong with a higher resolution meant the player’s ship were smaller and less of a whale . . .).

  7. Carson says:

    oh, yes, freekscape HD, with some of those nastly bugs gone could really be amazing.

    as for other games that would LOOK good in HD, I believe rocket racing would look fantastic in HD (any one who disagrees with this is insane).

    but when I say ps3 HD remake, I also mean what LJ did here with Cubixx; adding more stuff: multiplayer, potential online functionality (leader boards, anyone?), potentially more modes or a (possibly expanded, assuming one already exists) career.
    HD remakes/sequels could have the potential to add stuff that minis restrictions wouldn’t allow, while keeping the original charm of the minis we’ve come to know and love, which is why I’m really exited about this.
    “Age of Zombies PS3″ with coop play, and precise aiming, for example.
    “Super Coconut Dodge”, with full maze master mazes, and online leader boards.
    What minis can you guys imagine transcending minis?

  8. Balrog says:

    Monsters (Probably) Stole my Princess Duh!!! ;)

  9. Carson says:

    I (probably) would’ve suggested that, Balrog, but the filesize to playtime ratio would suggest that the game already has all its images in HD (actually, an even higher resolution)!
    its the only way I can imagine they managed to make it over 100mb! :D

    in all seriousness, it would be a pretty nice game for the dreamlist, although I feel it was definitely overrated (to be specific, its more that other minis were underrated, with m(p)smp being the only game that gathered such a large amount of coverage from major gaming sites).

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