Apache Overkill shows up on radar


Just last week I joked that we’d probably see Apache Overkill from Playerthree soon (it was one of the 50 upcoming titles when the Minis program was first announced), since there was a glut of side-scrolling shooters on the way.

And sure enough, the ESRB just rated it…which likely means it’s coming in the near future.

This is a side-scrolling action game in which players control an Apache helicopter that shoots several targets over different terrain. Helicopters shoot bullets, rockets, missiles, bombs, and lasers at vehicles and aircraft that explode into a fireball and disappear from the screen.

Apparently it was rated in Europe last month. So presumably it will hit there first.
(Sigh, why didn’t I joke about marrying a rich supermodel scientist soon?)

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10 Responses to “Apache Overkill shows up on radar”
  1. onmode-ky says:

    So this rich supermodel scientist walks into a bar . . ..

    I looked up some footage and info on Apache Overkill. It’s a 2006 free online game which appears to have no stage structure and just repeats the same enemy waves against you until you lose all your lives. I have no interest in this. It’s actually even less interesting than Alien Invaders 2 to me.

  2. Bava says:

    great for a mini

  3. pspgamer01 says:

    @ onmode ky

    seriously? Damnit that stinks

  4. thumbbandit says:

    This game reminds me of the CT games on the GBA and PS1.
    I’ll geep a close eye on this one. ;)

  5. Therulers123456 says:

    thought this one would never be a mini ,wow

  6. onmode-ky says:

    thumbbandit, what do you mean by “CT games”? The only CT in video games that comes to mind for me is Chrono Trigger, which, of course, doesn’t look anything like this game.

  7. thumbbandit says:

    CT (counter terrorist) special forces.

  8. 8tari says:

    Just checked and Apache Overkill really is on the Euro PSP store as of today, and according to PlayerthreeUK’s twitter it’s out in the US from next week too. Also onmode-ky, you’re right it is a game first seen on the web in 2006 but the video on Playstation Minis store shows 4 different backgrounds and looks like some improved bosses (big flying things) so looks like they’ve updated it a fair bit


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