Mystery Game is FuturLab’s Unnamed Vertical Scrolling Space Shooter


Last week various Mini related sites were sent a puzzle piece heralding a new game announcement. Well, in posts on the official Sony Blogs today (US / EU ) , it was revealed to be Futurlab’s upcoming vertical scrolling space shooter.

No screenshots of the game itself yet, but a lot of details, including a free soundtrack download. And a contest to name the game (and main character), because I guess they felt Vertical Scrolling Space Shooter wasn’t snappy enough, and Space Coconut Dodge was too obvious.

Basically. the game is a vertical scrolling shooter that has you rescuing people from a black hole by teleporting (and shooting something, presumably). It will test your reflexes and mind, with action logic puzzles, and hopefully will have addictive gameplay like Coconut Dodge.

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4 Responses to “Mystery Game is FuturLab’s Unnamed Vertical Scrolling Space Shooter”
  1. AG Awesome says:

    How about “Space Haven” or if that is taken “Galaxy Attack” or even “Universal Dodge”

  2. FriedConsole says:

    I love Coconut Dodge. Looking forward to it.

  3. Solo the Hutt says:

    i’ve guessed the puzzle piece looked a bit like a crab. those guys must be liking their crabs!

    looking forward to futurlabs next game.

  4. volcane says:

    Great art style!

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