Love Cupid Review

Love Cupid

In Love Cupid you play as a couple of angels trying to shoot floating hearts downing and catch them in the attempt to make two people fall in love with each other.

The control system in this mini is actually quite interesting and fun once you get the hang of aiming and can easily be played by one or two players. Player one controls the angel with the bow who will fire at the floating hearts in an attempt to shoot them down for the second player to catch. While the second player hovers across the bottom of the screen collecting the fallen hearts before they drop of the bottom of the screen and then tip them into the scale. Once the scale reaches 100 the game is complete.

You are given five minutes to complete each round and there are three rounds to choose from. At the end of either of the rounds you get graded on your performance much like in the other two minis with S being the best then A, B, C and so on.

While trying to collect the hearts you will come across enemy’s known as ‘Obstruction Characters’ which will drop contaminated hearts down and if collected by the second player will immobilise him for a while. To dispose of the obstruction characters player one just needs to shoot them.

Now as thrilling as this may sound it is actually fairly easy and with three rounds to choose from I failed to notice any difference in each round other then the poorly drawn couple in the background. There where no extra enemy’s, no shorter time limit or no less hearts to collect.

At first Love Cupid is fun but after a very short time there seems to be very little point in playing with no progression in difficulty and only being able to choose one stage at a time the game feels kind of empty.


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