Widget’s Odyssey 2 – Light Years Better?

Widget-odyssey-2 (2)

Frima studio is back with the sequel to their summer puzzle space adventure game Widget’s Odyssey 2. For those of you who missed the first one, it was a puzzle/adventure game which although had a funny and attention grabbing story the game suffered from being way to short and just extremely easy.

Instead of starting a completely new story or adventure Widget’s Odyssey 2 picks up from where the original had finished. After the crew (the same five robots from the original game) return to their home planet only to find it in complete ruin’s from the cosmic sneeze, they set out to find whether this was a natural phenomenon, only to find they are not the only remaining members of their kind, in fact there are three orphan’s who are being held captive by none other then the evil Yagor.

The game plays much like the first where you get to play as each of the crew from the ship, each of which have there own set skills. What Frima studio have done differently is included more action and a lot more mini games through out the game which helps add some variety to the game. One of the mini games I did enjoy was the one where you have to dance while your band play to try to impress the hostess of the club, to do this you a required to push the face buttons (square, triangle, circle, X and directional buttons) on the PSP in time with the on screen commands. The game is also made a little more difficult giving you a little more of a challenge and a slightly longer life to the game. Unfortunately much like the first game there are only four levels and even though they have added more mini games and a little more action and made it a little harder you could probably still complete it within an hour maybe one and a half.

Widget-odyssey-2 (3)

The games graphics are well drawn and animated but also has much more detail in the background of the game then in the original and with a little more detail to each of the levels breaths that little bit of life into the game. The sound effects haven’t changed at all with each character making the same strange chirps and other robotic sounds and each level has the same music in the background as the first which is actually a little disappointing as there feels very little new that has been brought to the game in the sound effects side.

But much like the first installment of Widget’s Odyssey 2 the greatest aspect of the game is the story. I enjoyed the fact the story picks up where it left off from the first game and helps give a more full explanation of actually what happened in Widget’s Odyssey. The cut scenes like before are wonderfully animated and I feel there is humor in there that is suited for almost any age.

Widget-odyssey-2 (1)

Overall Widget’s Odyssey is a good game with a few improvements from the first game but unfortunately not nearly enough to make it a great game but for the price of $1.99 you are getting what you pay for, if you owned the first game and enjoyed it then this game is worth getting but if you didn’t enjoy it well there is not to much different here.

Overall 6.5/10

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8 Responses to “Widget’s Odyssey 2 – Light Years Better?”
  1. Takao says:

    Getting an hour out of a $2 purchase isn’t that bad, considering a 90 minute movie ticket costs $12.

  2. confuletlyf says:

    i hope these sell well. they look very impressive. if frima releases a few and bundles them i’ll buy it for sure

  3. AG Awesome says:

    The way I see it, you buy this and the first one, that is 8 levels for 6 bucks. Thats a pretty good deal and plenty of content for the price in comparison to some other purchases. Hopefully they will release more levels (and improve on the formula)

  4. JeremyR says:

    That’s 55 more minutes of entertainment than Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess gives.

    They probably should have called them “Part I” and “Part II” instead of I & II.

  5. thumbbandit says:

    I enjoyed the first game more than this one… but this is still a great game.
    Personaly I’d have given both games a higher score. ;)

  6. Bava says:

    I dunno if i should get this hmm

  7. volcane says:

    I enjoyed both of these games, although I’d love a little more content. Mind you, it’s a fair price. Perhaps they could be released as a bundle? It would be great to see new episodes in the future.

  8. min says:

    Dear readers, i found this on the EU store in a bundle(widgets odyssey 1+2) for £1.99!!!

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