Brickbreaker Review– Like…seriously.


I can’t understand the “efforts” of Big Ben Interactive and Hydravision in reviving classic arcade games. Sure, there are a lot of players who want to replay these classics but even so these games must be “updates” rather than straight-up clones. Or if they choose to be loyal  with their adaptation they can do so as long as they don’t offend aesthetic sensibilities.

There are two modes for Brickbreaker, the classic mode and the dual paddle mode. It plays like your typical modern Breakout clones. There are specials like rocket launchers, glues that stick the ball on the paddle, duplicating balls, elongating paddles and shrinking both the paddles and the ball. Gamers might ask what is the benefit of the shrinking paddle as it only adds to the difficulty of chasing down the ball. The shrunk paddle is best used with the rocket special. You can’t hit the leftmost and the rightmost bricks if you got a long paddle since the launcher is situated in the middle of the paddle.


There is also a chance of getting bonus lives but honestly the game is too easy for you to even bother chasing those falling hearts. Levels are locked, so you must finish the game in order to hop to the next level. Again, this is about chasing high scores the blandest way. The graphics are so basic it questions the talent of whoever is the art director of this game. The backdrop is boring, which never changes, and the flute-and-cymbals background music is like a freebie from an audio editing software. Though the levels are well-thought and well-designed, you can’t look past everything that is unworthy of your attention. There is a counter while you are playing the game, and it stops at 59:59. Even if you pause the game the clock continues to tick. I mean, what is the purpose of the counter? It is not even recorded in the high score table! Plus, you can’t access the high score records in-game until game over.


The dual paddle mode is nothing really special. Nothing here is really special. There are better freeware versions of this game. Unless you really want to punish yourself by burning dollars and offending your entirety with a mediocre game, feel free to do it. Even sadomasochist won’t buy this. Like seriously.


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5 Responses to “Brickbreaker Review– Like…seriously.”
  1. Bonymini says:

    Sadly that review is spot on. Looking at their other offerings it seems to me Big Ben Interactive is just some company set up to make a fast buck rather than bring anything worthwhile to the gaming table. Nobody needs tat like this – it’s just a shame Sony saw fit to greenlight it.

  2. evanac says:

    To be fair to Sony they don’t ‘green light’ anything in terms of game quality for Minis, at least not in my experience.

    Once you’re in you can pretty much do whatever you want for a Minis title. It’s a system that’s ultimately for the best, I think.

  3. volcane says:

    Slight technical niggles aside, this seems like a what-you-see-is-what-you-get game. I’m OK with the simplicity of the presentation. I just wish it had been cheaper. Look what else you can buy for the same money on the Minis section of the PSN…

  4. confuletlyf says:

    I was going to ask why such a harsh review, ugly as it may be it does sound like it works perfectly fine… and then I saw the price. For a no frills brick breaker that you can play for free on even the oldest of cell phones I wouldn’t want to pay more than a buck. poor show.

  5. taoofgreentea says:

    I bought this game, it’s a simple block breaker game. Of course, I love blockbreaker games, and there aren’t many for psp.

    I’d say this is for block breaker fans only, it has the bare minimum number of power ups, and bare minimum of physics, but when I want a simple brick breaking game, it’s there for me.

    And yes it’s overpriced.

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