Labyrinth Review- And Then?


Why? The one-word question that occupies my mind while playing Big Ben Interactive’s rendition of the classic arcade game, Pac-man. Labyrinth is basically Pac-man in the jungle. Pseudo-techno-tribal background music and maracas-esque sound effects will persuade you that the game is indeed set in the jungle…well, of course, aside from the green vine motif on its title banner and menu borders…and the reiteration that the dots are “seeds” and “drops”…and you are controlling a plant that is being chased by four other plants in a plateau.

Everything you know about Pac-man is here so it’s useless to illustrate what are the controls. The only difference is every level there is a significant change on its geography. The animation of the “labyrinth” is buried while the “seeds” are floating; this makes the game a bit difficult as the labyrinth itself serves as a maze of hurdles since you’ll find yourself stuck more often than not from the poorly animated borders. There are “portals” (teleport pods) inside the labyrinth  to make the game seem fresh. But wait, the original Pac-man got that. To be fair, the developers did a commendable job for  implementing multiple portals with color schemes which is rather new. Meaning if you enter a green portal expect to be transported to other green portal. Ah. Yeah. Brilliant.


Since this game is set in the jungle, there are fruits! Yes, just like the original. Even the scoring system is just like Pac-man. Ten points for the normal dots and fifty for the dots that will make you invincible. Ten thousand points will net you a bonus life and you can retry and retry if you managed to waste all of your three lives and your score will just reset back to zero. You’ll continue to the level where you last played.  But if you choose to go back to the main menu for no reason at all (unless you want to read the Help menu for LOL’s sake) you’ll find yourself back to Level 1.  There is only one mode to play and by the end of the day, the game is all about chasing high scores.


I recognize that this is a remake of a classic arcade game and it’s unfair to compare it with the original and/or ask for more features when the game promises to be just an update of a classic arcade game. But I can’t think of any reason why would I pay for a game that is widely available for free. This game will make a good bundle with the other three Arcade remakes by Big Ben Interactive. But as a single mini? It’s a joke. Really, it plays like Pac-Man with updated graphics (that is not even pretty, mediocre at best) and some minor tweaks…and then?


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3 Responses to “Labyrinth Review- And Then?”
  1. pspgamer01 says:

    I already knew where this games where going to… Big ben is just a rip off company that want to make money fast without doing much. That’s how it looks for sure..

  2. JeremyR says:

    Apparently all 4 of these games were originally for a DS cart called “Best of Classic Arcade Games” or something like that.

    Still, if the original maker of Pac-Man won’t put it up on the PSP, there’s room for other companies to put clones on it. Namco could put up any of their many Namco collections, either PS1, or the PSP version. But nope, just not interested, I guess.

  3. volcane says:

    This seems like a fairly clean and simple clone of the original pac-man. Agreed, you can find it elsewhere for free (i.e. as a java-based web app on the PC) but it’s not common on the PSP.

    I don’t see the harm in this one – it should be cheaper though, or released as part of a classic game clone bundle for a similar price (that would be quite a fair deal I think).

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