Young Thor – A Smashing Game

Young Thor

The much anticipated Young Thor by Frima Studio has hit the PSN store this week and I can happily say it has been as good as I was hoping it to be. Young Thor is a side scrolling action game where you take control of Thor the god of thunder, who set’s out to rescue three nord maidens who were kidnapped by Hel the goddess of the underworld.

In Young Thor there are 17 levels, 16 of these are set out across 4 chapters leaving the 17th level as the final confrontation with Hel. The designs of the levels are awesome to say the least the 3D background and character animations are amazing for a PSP game let alone a mini and with so wonderful added touches like goblins hitting the screen when you hit them really adds a nice aspect to the game. Although each of the levels may seem short you will find a few of the levels will become a lot harder so you will find yourself replaying previous levels just to level up Thor so the next levels are a little easier. The ability to replay previous levels is almost essential, as I have said each level does get quite hard the further you progress in the game and although you are shown the difficulty of each level at the level select screen (represented by skulls for instance 1 skull would be easy where as 6 would be a lot harder) you will probably find that two different levels with the same difficulty rating could be much harder or easier then the other. There are a few power ups dotted around each level so as to make you quest slightly easier giving Thor the ability to deal extra damage to enemies or the ability to double jump (although I thought that Thor did sound much like a goblin when doing the double jump.)

Their are a few disappointing thing with the game though; for instance the inability to use the analog stick though not to say the D-pad is no good but it would be nice to have the option to use either or. Their is also a few problems with the collision and hit detection for instance you could be hit by an enemy that is out of range or that you are able to jump into the sides of mountains or through the floor although this doesn’t happen very often thankfully.

 Another nice touch was the inclusion of achievement that you can unlock through out the game ranging from collecting certain items too killing 100 giants (much like the achievements in Zombie tycoon) and although it doesn’t actually unlock anything in the game it’s just a nice personal challenge to try to unlock every achievement.

Overall Young Thor is a solid game and with only a few minor flaws Frima Studio has another hit on it’s hands, and although some people may find having to replay previous levels just to level up slightly tedious I believe this game is a must have for any gamers collection.

Overall 9/10

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8 Responses to “Young Thor – A Smashing Game”
  1. thumbbandit says:

    Young Thor is only 50mb, half the maximum allowed, just think, it’s this good with a mere 50, what would it have been like if they’ed used the full 100mb.
    Great review by the way.
    This game has set the standard as to how all future minis should be judged by imo. ;)

  2. confuletlyf says:

    good review. this game does look solid but i still don’t know about the full $5 price tag.

    what’re the odds you’ll play it again?

    also, you said you had to backtrack to level up. is there an rpg attributes system, or do you just get more health?

  3. Christopher D. says:

    Dude I bought it WORTH every penny $5 is a good price for what your getting. The graphics are amazing the main character has lots of personality. you to fight on awesome well made levels and you get achievements. So yeah buy it. =)

  4. Enker says:

    Whilst a Mini, Young Thor manages to be one of the most enjoyable platformers I’ve played through in recent years, seemlessly blending an almost retro-feeling 2D platformer from the glory days of the SNES/Megadrive with a beautiful 3D world. For just a few pounds and only taking up a tiny fraction of your PSP memory card, this is an essential purchase that may even topple the mighty Tetris for best Mini!

  5. Dan says:

    @ confuletlyf : I have to be honest I have not put the game down since buying it if you are into side scrolling action games you would most definitely play the game again even after completing it as for leveling up it doesn’t per say have an RPG element to just more health, magic and power you don’t get to distribute points to make Thor more powerful but never the less even though the price is quite high Young Thor is worth every penny in my opinion.

  6. pspgamer01 says:

    I just made a vid about it, played a few levels and then never played again since now (I bought it on the 17th july). But it’s a great game. It’s just I got every game I want from the whole psp, minis, ps1 libary. Which are like 25 games on ms and 25 UMD’s. I currenty play like 19 ms games and 5 UMD’s.

  7. volcane says:

    This is an amazing game – I’m loving every minute of it! Great gameplay with georgeous lovingly created art work and animation :-)

  8. jokatech19 says:

    this game looks beautiful. I second the first comment. I’ve been saying that imagine if games like this pushed more. We’d have sickness on our hands. Alot of people here seem to like it for the initial rush, but as someone asked earlier, getting past that, is it a game you will play again?… Coming down off the nut rush!?

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